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Has Indiana Learned Nothing From Notre Dame? Yet Another Sad, Failed Use of Honktastic Rappers for School Video Promotional Purposes

You've probably seen this by now, but just in case I figured I'd bring it to your attention. This is bad. It is almost as bad as "We Are Notre Dame" as written by Morris Day and The Time (Oh We Oh We Oh) and subsequently ripped off by some dude from Iowa who finally got the Hawkeyes' revenge on the Irish, albeit a generation or two too late. Chubby, white kids attempting to be clever by "rapping," and yes, the quotations are necessary, about their favorite school and turning it into a promotional "music video." While, sadly, this isn't that uncommon, what is unusual is that the University is apparently footing the bill for this debacle and actually allowed these buffoons access to their archives and facilities to shoot it. 

And... oh God... is it bad. Not quite some bozo in a leprechaun outfit playing a bass shaped like whatever Prince is signing his name as, but it's bad. Quick note to the producers, never allow fat, pasty, and/or anorexially skinny white boys to wear tank tops. Ever. One thing worth pointing out is that there are hot chicks in the video. So they have that going for them. But the rest is retina and eardrum scorching. But that's not the funniest thing about it.

If you seach the interwebs at tad bit you find out that certain IU supporters are actually proud of this abomination. Being proud of this is the equivalent of putting up a video of someone inserting a catheter up your ding dong, and smiling the entire time because you're having physical contact with another human being in your private region. Thankfully, this appears to be a limited subset of the fanbase. Others, well... they're not so enthusiastic.

Watch, laugh, cringe, feel bad for real IU fans. Just not this guy:

To the haters: while we are currently still digging out of the mess we've been in since Coach Knight got fired, this song/video is an homage to our past and an optimistic view of our future, particularly since our next two recruiting classes are among the best in the country. By the way, if you're not an IU supporter, I don't know why you clicked on this anyway.

Do not feel bad for him. We clicked "here" because everyone likes watching a trainwreck in slow motion. Especially one where you can see the train go halfway trough the minivan, collapsing the entire frame into a slab of french toast, before the laws of physics actually require the car to give way and travel with the oncoming locomotive.

So watch the wreck and just be happy you don't have to be the guy using a sponge to clean up the contents of the minivan afterwards. Enjoy.