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The Maize n Brew Bowls You Care About Pick 'Em New Years' Day Update

(edit: fixed some math.  I am in fact an idiot.  Whoda thunk the trolls could do math?)

Had enough of the coaching trolling?  (Answer: YES) Well, here's a delicious update for you on the only contest that really matters this holiday season - the MnB BYCAPE - coined by one of you, who might just get some bonus points.  Maybe.  Slightly disappointed at the number of new users that have joined MnB in the last few days to flame about RR but DIDN'T do the BYCAPE.  Clearly some people need to straighten out their priorities.  But hey, more is good.

More after the jump.

Up until New Years' Day, the Big Ten had been showing very decently, with Iowa and Illinois pulling off wins and N'Western coming oh so close.  Nebraska laid an egg against a Jake Locker-led Wazzou team they throttled earlier in the year, but hey, stuff happens.

Kansas State got robbed against Syracuse for that BS penalty, but hey, when a freshman Tate played for Michigan, he used to draw attention to himself in celebration too... is saluting really worse than doing the "all on me" gesture?  Wait, no one outside of KSU or Syracuse cared.  That's why it isn't in the BYCAPE.

Oklahoma and Nebraska happened to be the only unanimous picks - some idiots actually picked the Spartans...

Michigan Faithful, you pick very well.  With some notable exceptions, almost everyone is within 70 points (or some easy games) of the leaders.

For those of you who don't want to read on, the master Excel is attached.  Without further ado:

Leaders - with 245 points, your leaders are Romain El 82 and DarthProphet, but DP shorted himself 25 points, so he really only has about 220.  Pretty stupid to have a two-man conference, eh?  Almost as stupid as the name.

Legends - everyone else EXCEPT the illiterate closet Irish who actually IGNORED THE RULES and PICKED THE IRISH?  Come on now. This might make you inelgible to win the championship.  We'll see how the Committee rules.

Jim Delany Memorial Losers Bracket -gomaize11 bringing up the rear with 100.  You might just get a Brewski anyway.  Honorable mention to yours truly, who gave no one credit for the TCU and Mississippi State games in the first draft of this post.  All of you who picked Mississippi State, shame on you for not blindly picking Michigan.  I'll remember this when I forget your national championship picks.

You all have the master sheet now - please let me know if I've made any errors, and I'll rectify them posthaste.

I reserve the right to change the rules at any time and disqualify entries deemed to be heretical.

Good luck this week!

This is the UPDATED master.

Updated(2) MnB BYCAPE.xls