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There Should Be No Question: Today Is A Day To Drink

National Signing Day?


How about National Drinking Day?

Much better. With the snow descending upon much of the Michigan fanbase, many of us will be finding ways to entertain ourselves in the midst of 30+ inches of snow.  This means school's out for the first time in Chicagoland in 12 years.  You college students get to stay in and study drink.  You adult-ish types get to decide whether to fire up the ol' virtual desktop or just kick it with ESPN, Netflix, or whatever your video weapon of choice is.

But for those of you who are lucky enough to enjoy being of legal age, today should be a day to sample fine beers.  That's what snow days are all about.  From Stroh's to my favourite Vicious IPA, we here at Maize n Brew heartily condone the responsible consumption of delicious hoppy beverages.  We even enjoy some entertaining ways to consume such beverages. 

Before I get into that, though, let me spotlight a beer you should all try.  Instead of reaching for that case of Coors Lite or whatever's in your basement, if you're able to get to a store or are lucky to live in Kalamazoo, check out Bell's Brewery.  They make some fantastic brews, some of which are available internationally.  If I can drink 'em overseas, you should get off your asses and check them out.  I'd recommend two in particular - their Winter Seasonal, the Hopslam Ale, is a fantastic lighly flavoured ale with a honey-malt taste.  Also check out their best offering if it's still on the shelves - their fall seasonal, Hell Hath No Fury, is dark with a strong coffee and ginger aftertaste.  Wicked.

Look, we're not elitists here at Maize n Brew, at least not about our beer.  (I happen to take great pride in being an elitist about my football team.)  But I respect whatever brew you choose to consume today.  Go drink some Stroh's, or reach back for something from Bell's or North Peak or GLBC or whatever you choose.  College bros, Natty Ice is calling your name.  Today, special emphasis on the Ice.  (Disclaimer:  I wholeheartedly and completely despise everything related to Syracuse, and the color orange in general - Hoya Saxa!)

I suppose we should talk about some football too though.  So, in honor of National Signing Day, here's a good game to play.  Head over to Mgo's NSD overkill livestream and drink to the recruiting trolls.

NSD Drinking Game - MnB Style


Every time Michigan gets a commit.

Whenever you hear JaDaveon Clowney's name mentioned.

If you cannot leave your driveway, go back inside and finish a drink.  Don't try to leave again.

Any time the discussion of 18 year old kids' bodies creeps you out.

Whenever Brian from MGo sounds depressed.

Whenever you hear the words "winter storm warning"

If your power goes out due to snow, finish your beer.  Hell, finish the case.

Each minute beyond zero that a recruit's announcement presser lasts.

Every time you try to fire up the ol' computer for "telecommuting."

When you see snow.

Any time Fred Jackson compares a commit to Jesus or similar.

Good luck, Michigan Faithful.  Enjoy your day.  I welcome your suggestions in the comments.