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Tweet Your Way To Houston With SB Nation and Samsung

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If you're a college basketball fan, well... we've got some great news from the mothership. SB Nation has partnered with Samsung for "The Pride of March Tweetstakes" in which you can win travel, tickets and accommodations to the Final Four in Houston. Yeah. I figured that'd grab your attention. The contest runs from today, March 15th, through March 24th. So how do you enter and win? All you have to do is get on the Twitters with a photo of yourself in whatever you cheer for Michigan or (God forbid) some other college basketball in. So, have a buddy or an auto timer snap a photo you in your best fan gear and upload the thing to Twitter via Twitpic or another similar platform. The more you stand out, the better. Then, all you have to do is Tweet the picture of yourself with the hashtag #SamsungTV for a chance to win that wonderful travel, tickets, and accommodations for two to the Final Four in Houston, TX. SB Nation editors will hand select and announce the winner from the contestants. (Check out the official rules here.) Good luck, and if you win, don't forget to waive around a big cardboard sign telling everyone you won your seats at Maize n Brew.