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Super Saturday 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Open Thread

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I begged you to find it, and you did. Behold Stu Douglass in all his rim rocking glory. Bring the funky freshness Stu-daddy:

[Special thanks to Coach Bacari Alexander's twitter account and reader kdjMICHIGAN77]

A little shout out to Dylan at UMHoops for summing the above up perfectly:

There might not be anything particularly important about this play, it was a relatively meaningless dunk with four minutes left in the game that stretched the lead to 30 points, but man it was fun to watch. This play really symbolizes how Michigan played offensively in the second half. Free and loose, sharing the ball, confident and looking to make plays. Darius Morris has more than a little showtime in him but I don’t think he even expected Stu Douglass to rise up and dunk after he threw a beautiful behind the back pass. Tim Hardaway Jr.’s face in this picture tells the whole story (photo credit: Detroit News)

And yes, the end scene of a certain movie has been stuck in my head all day. As my wife said yesterday, "the most impressive part of that was the pass," so much love to Darius Morris for channeling his inner Showtime for this highlight. In the interest of equal awesomeness, Tim Hardaway Jr's thunder dunk and Matt Vogrich's backdoor cuts deserve some love. Finally, props to Zack Novak. Our kickass forward pulled down the quietest double double in tournament history. While everyone's talking about the 30 point win, almost no one noticed that Zack pulled down 10 boards and poured in 14 points on 5-10 shooting (4-6 from behind the arc!). Zack you have Tiger Blood.

As glorious as Michigan's win was, it was only a single game. And waiting for them on Sunday are the Duke Blue Devils who are fresh off a blow out win over undermanned Hampton. It's going to be a hell of a game and we'll have the game thread bumping on Sunday. Join us for the fun.

But then there's today. Super Saturday. There are a slate of games that we have no rooting interest in at all, so we can sit back and enjoy college basketball in all its magnificence. And good lord are there some great games today.

Here's Today's Lineup:

The West Virginia Mountaineers v. The Kentucky Wildcats - I'm a little torn on this. Personally, I loved Bob Huggins thug life Cincinnati teams. Don't know why. But I did. Then again, he's not there anymore and he's coaching a talented WVU squad. And I don't like John Calipari at all. But I love the fun and gun wide open style he coaches and the great players on his teams. I'm also a huge fan of A Sea of Blue, so I'm pulling for the Cats to win this one.

The UCLA Bruins v. The Florida Gators - No question here. We're with our buddies at Bruins Nation. Go kick some gator ass boys.

The Morehead St. Eagles v. The Richmond Spiders - Toss up here for me. I love the city of Richmond. One of the true unknown gems of the mid south. Great food. Great people. But how can you not love the Eagles after they knocked off Louisville on a pull-out three pointer? Your call on this one folks. You can't go wrong.

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The Temple Owls v. The San Diego St. Aztecs - You're not going to see me reminiscing about Fischer or the Fab Five here. I'm pulling for the fighting Cosby's out of spite.

The Butler Bulldogs v. The Pittsburgh Panthers - Maize n Brew writers SCM and Beauford are from Indiana. They're pulling for Butler and so are we. The royal we.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs v. The BYU Cougars - Don't care either way. Seriously. We love skiing in Utah so go Cougars.

The Kansas St. Wildcats v. The Wisconsin Badgers - No question. Big Ten solidarity baby. Say want you want about Wisconsin's style of play but I think Bo Ryan is one of the best coaches in the country, let alone the conference. Every year Wisconsin finds itself in a great seeding and on it's way to the sweet 16. I may be a huge fan of Bring on the Cats, but I also like Bucky's Fifth Quarter. Gotta root for Wisconsin.

The Cincinnati Bearcats v. The Connecticut Huskies - It's a toss up for me, but I can't get enough of Kimba Walker. The man is incredible. As long as his show can possibly continue, I'm in favor of it.

Enjoy the day. We will.