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Bubble Bobble: Your Thursday Night Guide To NCAA Tournament Bubble Hateration

Yesterday was a good day for the Michigan Bubble Bobble. Tonight the Bubble Bobble hopes to be Steady Mobbin. Things are a little less crazy for Michigan's tournament hopes tonight, but that doesn't mean there aren't chances for other teams to improve the Wolverines' chances of an at large bid. The biggest things that's happening right now are the minor conference playoffs. These playoffs have been tirelessly broken down in great detail and epic length by our buddies at Card Chronicle (SBN's Louisville Blog). While I suspect that's the first time anyone's referred to anyone at Card Chronicle's "epic length," I'll stand by it. It's impressive. (Get your minds out of the gutters, people).

What it comes down to is that you want every regular season conference champ to win their conference tournament. The last thing we want is for some Podunk Middle Back of Some Guy's House State City College University to randomly win their tournament and give some jackass on the selection committee a team/cause to die for (i.e., we have to include them... becuase it's fair....). We hate that guy. The less fodder he has the happier we'll all be.

But after the conference tournaments things are relavtively tame tonight. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be glued to your TV. Here's your....

Rooting Interests For Tonight:

Tennessee Volunteers @ South Carolina Gamecocks - You really, really, really, really want South Carolina to win this one. Even though Tennessee's resume to date is impressive [17-12 (7-7), RPI: 33, SOS: 2], dropping their last two games could drop them from Tournament consideration. The Vols are only at 7-7 and a loss in Columbia combined with a loss to close the season (against Kentucky!) could mean the boot in favor of Michigan. While we all love Bruce Pearl's enthusiasm and willingness to immitate Kelvin Sampson, his team is competing with my team for a slot in the NCAA's. Therefore they must lose.

UCLA Bruins @ Washington Huskies - Normally you should root for UCLA simply because they're the closest thing to Michigan on the West Coast there is, but tonight there's a real reason. Washington is firmly on the bubble with an RPI of 41 and an SOS on 60. If the Huskies drop their last two they could end up on the wrong side of the bubble. As it stands the Huskies have 19 wins and 10 conference wins, but a late season slide could help the Wolverines. UCLA's already in the tournament, so a win here will just widen the gulf between the top two int he conference (UCLA/Arizona) and the rest.

USC Trojans @ Washington St. Cougars - USC can't go to the touranment anyway because their self imposed postseason ban for this season. Washington St. is sorta kinda on the bubble. You want USC to win this game and win their next game... against Washington.