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National Championship Game Open Thread: Butler v. UConn

It's game time. Even though Michigan isn't in the National Championship game tonight, you're still going to watch it. We at Maize n Brew have split loyalties on this one. Some of us are from the Hoosier state and have been rooting hard for the Butler Bulldogs ever since their 8 seed (low ball) was announced. Then you've got me, who loves the Butler story and can't stand Connecticut's head coach Jim Calhoun, but loves, absolutely loves watching Kemba Walker play basketball. So we really don't have a rooting guide to give you.

All we know is that this game shapes up to be a classic. Two contrasting styles. Two completely different coaches. Two teams that don't have a damn thing thing in common other than the fact that they've dictated their style of play on their opponents from the opening tip off of the NCAA Tournament. The story lines write themselves. Underdogs. Mid Majors. Long win streaks. Pending NCAA investigations (yeah... you know what I'm talking about). Validating the Big East. Validating the mid majors.

It's going to be insane. And it's also going to be a lot of fun. As you can tell from the photo above, God is watching. Join us in the comments for the game.