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Wednesday Happy Hour Keeps Its BCS License, Has OSU AD Gene Smith's Support

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Here's What's Going On In The Michigancentric World

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith supports football coach Jim Tressel - Gene Smith also supports bathing in Mercury, holidaying in Lybia, milling asbestos, collecting and driving antique Ford Pintos, Russian roulette, and swimming in alligator infested waters covered in meat sauce. On the plus side, if employed at Ohio State, you can commit any crime of dishonesty or fraud you want and have the AD back you. I'm starting to think that Smith would come out in support of the geniuses that created those sub-prime mortgage back securities if he was working at the Treasury. Maybe if he was the head of Health and Human Services he'd come out in support of smoking and meth amphetamine. Unreal.

NCAA lets Fiesta keep its bowl license - How the Fiesta Bowl was allowed to keep it's BCS license is beyond most theoretical physicists. Just amazing, when you consider the following:

A recent internal report by the Fiesta Bowl detailed about $45,000 in reimbursements to employees for political donations, an apparent violation of federal and state laws. It also revealed inappropriate spending, such as $33,000 for a Pebble Beach, Calif., birthday bash for Junker, $13,000 for the wedding and honeymoon of an aide, and a $1,200 strip club tab for Junker and two others.

Christ, what a cesspool. After the report that came out which put the Fiesta Bowl Committee under the spotlight it was hard to think of places that could be dirtier. I rate that committee just above the Calcutta sewer system and just below the Tyson's Chicken slaughterhouse in Maryland. Sadly, the NCAA decided it's easier to keep the Fiesta Bowl than to find another BCS sponsor and location. Sigh.....

2011 Spring Game Statistics, Part Deux - Touch the Banner has all numbers from the Spring game. And by numbers we mean meaningless stats that hide the fact that half the O-Line starters weren't playing and that we're systems on both sides of the ball.

Entering the Hall: Lloyd Carr - Ritt's piece on Carr's induction.

Jim Delany on Ohio State: 'A lot of interest, and I don't think it's positive' - And the award for the most obvious statement since the beginning of time goes to....

Michigan Men's Basketball Will Face Virginia in the 2011 Big Ten/ACC Challenge - It was announced that the Michigan Wolverines will be visiting the Virginia Cavalierson November 29, 2011 in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Nice draw for us. Not so much for Virginia.

Wolverines advance to Sweet 16 round of NCAA Tournament - The women's tennis team is bringing the funk this season and advanced to Palo Alto, CA for the NCAA's Sweet 16. Go Blue!

Deion Sanders, Lloyd Carr join Eddie George in Hall's Class of '11 - General flurffff on the College Hall of Fame inductees for 2011.

Notes from Big Ten spring meetings - Our buddy Adam Rittenberg gives you the low down on the Big Ten AD's meeting in Chicago.

Ohio State, Northwestern among top APR - Ohio State and Northwestern are the two Big Ten football programs that received public recognition for being among the top 10 percent of teams in the latest multiyear Academic Progress Rate scores. The sky has fallen. Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria.