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Other Things OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith Supports

I should let this go. But I can't. Per ESPN's Adam Rittenberg:

The Buckeyes' AD declined to discuss any details of the NCAA situation Wednesday at the Big Ten spring meetings, but he reaffirmed his support for Tressel.  "Oh, definitely, no question," Smith said. "I haven't changed, I haven't changed. But I'm not talking about the case beyond that."

While it's one thing to support someone quietly behind the scenes, to tell them that you've got their back and refrain from talking to the media about anything related to the story at hand, it's quite another to come out and say you support a guy that lied to the NCAA, your compliance department, and to you, when all that information is public. But, I supposed, you dance with the date that brung you. The only thing missing is a slightly off key version of Patsy Cline's "Stand By Your Man", with Smith singing a heart felt, tearful ode to Jim Tressel as the headlines and compliance documents opaquely slide in and out of the video frame. You try to hold in the tears when that happens you soul-less bastards, it's from the HEART!

This is the equivalent of the Titanic publicly announcing its support for icebergs, or the government announcing it's faith in mortgage lenders to lead the economic recovery. Mayhaps someone with E-coli expressing support for Jack in the Box, or Caesar nominating Brutus for Emperor with his last breath. It boggles the mind and makes us wonder what else the man "supports" in spite of reason. Well, maybe not so much boggles as gives us the opportunity to have some fun at his expense. We've got a list of things burning a hole in our skull, and naturally, the only thing we can do is announce our support for them and let you be the judge.

Other Inexplicable Things Gene Smith Supports Besides Jim Tressel:

New Coke
Charlie Sheen's Comedy Stylings
The Blackwater Security Company
Jay Leno
Credit Default Swaps
Carrot  Top
Barry Switzer
Michael Bay Films
Donald Trump's presidential campaign
Barry Bonds

More after the jump.....

NCAA Basketball Tournament Expansion
Desperate Housewives
Camping in Waziristan
Jim Joyce
Non-alcoholic beer
Automatic transmissions
The Whig Party
Floyd Landis
Russian Space Agency
"Mission Accomplished"
Television commercials during NCAA Football games
Troll Dolls
Beta Max
The Fiesta Bowl Committee
Carlos Mencia
Brett Bielema
The Daytime Emmys
American Dad
Legends and Leaders
The Royal wedding
Corey Haim
The Toyota Brake and Accelerator Division
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Muffin top
Bernie Madoff
Donald Sterling
Jet Blue
Jay Marriotti
The Washington Generals

This was fun, and therapeutic. You can add your own in the comments below.