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Friday Additions to the Maize n Brew University Of Michigan License Plate Project

By this point you're familiar with the Maize n Brew University Of Michigan License Plate Project. We're collecting photos of the great Michigan themed license plates people have purchased and saving them for posterity. Well. Maybe not posterity, but for a fun diversion during the off season. Since it's Friday and people are getting ready to head to the beach or ducking out early for a beverage on a roof deck (who could that be? hmmmm?), I figured a little Maize n Blue pick-me-up going into the weekend wouldn't be a bad idea.

I got three more outstanding plates in yesterday, so up they go. So far, we've gotten plates from Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Nebraska, and Virginia. Now we can add Texas, New York and Maryland to the list. Just 40 more states to go folks. Bonus points awarded to anyone with a Michigan themed Puerto Rican plate or (oh god please let this be true) EU plates. Prize TBD, but there will be a prize. All the prior plates can be found on Plate Post One, Plate Post Two, Plate Post Three, and Plate Post Four. And for simplicity's sake, the main tag for all of them: "Michigan License Plate Project".

Thanks to all the readers who've sent in photos of their, and other people's, great University of Michigan plates! Here's today's batch!


Thanks to reader John D!


Thanks to reader Ryan!


Easily, one of my favorites. Thanks to reader Brian!

Keep 'em coming!