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Recruiting Update: June 12, 2011

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Mentor (OH) defensive end Tom Strobel committed to Michigan on Friday (Touch the Banner profile here).  He's a 6'6", 245-pounder and a well regarded prospect across the board.  If Ohio weren't loaded with a ridiculous amount of defensive end talent this year, Strobel might be the best DE in the state.  But there are about four guys competing for that designation.  There's a chance that Strobel could bump down to defensive tackle, but guys who are a true 6'6" probably shouldn't be playing on the interior defensive line very often.

Carlsbad (CA) La Costa Canyon offensive tackle Erik Magnuson committed to Michigan on Friday, too (TTB).  The coaches established an early relationship with him when they were at San Diego State, and he liked them enough to follow them to Ann Arbor.  Magnuson is a consensus top-100 prospect and could play either offensive tackle position, but for now we can probably pencil him in at left tackle once Taylor Lewan graduates.


Pittsburgh (PA) Fox Chapel Area offensive tackle Adam Bisnowaty was offered by Michigan and visited campus earlier this week.  At 6'6" and 275 lbs. he's listed as an OT, but he looks more like a guard to me.  With Magnuson coming on board late this past week and Jordan Diamond a strong possibility, I'm not sure that Bisnowaty's offer would be committable as a tackle.  I'm not that high on Bisnowaty, anyway.  He does a lot of standing around and watching while the play goes on, not exactly the mentality you look for in an offensive lineman.  

St. Louis (MO) Ladue Horton Watkins wide receiver Jehu Chesson received an offer earlier this week.  He's 6'3" and 175 lbs. with 4.5 speed.  He's a little bit raw when it comes to running routes, but he's a solid 3-star prospect with offers from half of the Big Ten.  Last year he had 600 yards and 11 receiving touchdowns.

Van (TX) linebacker Dalton Santos de-committed from Oklahoma State.  He's a solid player, but will likely stay in Big 12 country.  Michigan is all set at linebacker, anyway.


South Carolina offensive guard Patrick Destefano committed to Clemson a couple weeks ago.  I missed that in the previous update.

California wide receiver Malik Gilmore became an Oregon State Beaver the other day.  He's never visited Corvallis and said he wants to still take his officials, so the door isn't necessarily closed all the way.

Georgia defensive end Jarontay Jones committed to Virginia Tech.  Getting good kids out of the deep south has always been a problem for Michigan (yes, I know there are exceptions like Carlos Brown and Anthony Thomas), but with Michigan's defensive end haul here in 2012, there's not much reason to complain.

California tight end Taylor McNamara committed to Arizona.  Not that I expected him to come to Michigan, but I didn't expect him to be a Wildcat, either.  Tucson is kind of a cool town and there are lots of good looking girls in Arizona, but the school isn't exactly known for producing high level talent.  Perhaps he wanted to follow in the epic footsteps of . . . Brandon Manumaleuna?

Maryland defensive end Michael Moore committed to Virginia.  It's pretty impressive that a guy can find the time to practice football between making scathing documentaries about the NRA, General Motors, health care, etc.  His dad, Shawn Moore, finished fourth in the 1990 Heisman voting (which Ty Detmer won) as a quarterback for Virginia and now works there as the quarterbacks coach, so this isn't much of a surprise.  The elder Moore threw a good number of his passes to none other than former Detroit Lions first round pick Herman Moore, who had 54 receptions, 1190 yards, and 13 touchdowns that season and finished sixth in the same Heisman vote.

Missouri wide receiver Durron Neal committed to Oklahoma.  Michigan never seemed to interest Neal very much, but that's one more high quality receiver off the board.  I don't blame him for wanting to go to Oklahoma, though.  With the way Oklahoma quarterbacks have put up yards and touchdowns over the past decade or so, I don't know why a wideout with an Oklahoma offer wouldn't want to go there.


In a discussion with Detroit News reporter Angelique Chengelis a couple days ago, head coach Brady Hoke told her that he expects the recruiting class to be 25 . . . or at least 23.  So with 16 players committed already, I guess we should plan on seeing at least seven more players added to the class.

By my count Michigan has offered 170 players so far.

MagnusThunder is the author of Touch the Banner, a Michigan football blog.