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Tuesday Additions to the Maize n Brew University Of Michigan License Plate Project

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By this point you're familiar with the Maize n Brew University Of Michigan License Plate Project. We're collecting photos of the great Michigan themed license plates people have purchased and saving them for posterity. Well. Maybe not posterity, but for a fun diversion during the off season.

Monday was a little busy, so we're adding four more plates to the collection today. As an added bonus we're checking Oklahoma AND Tennessee off the "states we still need list". For those of you keeping track we've notched Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Nebraska, Virginia, Texas, New York, Maryland. That leaves 38 states to go. If you want the easy list, here's the main tag for all of them: "Michigan License Plate Project".

Personally, I'm a little surprised we haven't gotten a plate from a couple of specific states: Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California... WTF? I know you've got great plates, I've seen them, so send 'em in. We'll also happily take another Texas plate photographed in its natural environment (you know, for posterity). Thanks to all the readers who've sent in photos of their, and other people's, great University of Michigan plates! Here's today's batch!


Thanks to readers KB (photographer) and DB (e-mailer)!


Thanks to reader supmat!


Thanks to reader RJ!


Thanks to reader Alex B.

Keep 'em coming!