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Morning Brews Polls The Internets About Michigan's Night Game Jerseys, Among Other Things

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Have I got a jersey for you!  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Have I got a jersey for you! (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Getty Images

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Morning Brews

Programming note: Gonna Be a Busy Day Here - We've got some extra posts in the hopper today, but unless the college football world explodes or is being eaten by Unicron, we're kinda going to be out of pocket.

The Whole Michigan Alternate Jersey Thing

U-M unveils throwback jerseys for night game vs. Notre Dame - Photos and commentary on the unveiling. Also of note:

Brandon promises a number of special events before the Notre Dame game, including honoring Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard for his induction last year into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Notre Dame unveils throwback jersey, shamrock helmet for U-M game - The Domer's night game uniform is a white jersey with green lettering, two green shoulder stripes and gold-colored pants. And, of course, there's a large shamrock on the helmet, which hasn’t appeared on the Fighting Irish’s headgear since the early 1960s. Meh.

The Hoover Street Rag: Lacking a Coherent Narrative - Craig at the Hoover Street Rag sums up the "Legacy Jersey" issue perfectly:

So yes, I'm sorry, I have no real sense of how I feel about this. I don't hate them, but I don't like what they represent, but more importantly, I don't like what they can represent in a forward looking narrative. So for now, I'll continue to be confused as we wait for September.

College Football Blog: Throwback jerseys? More like throw-away jerseys - Yost at MZone is NOT happy about the new jerseys. So he had a little fun with them out of delicious spite.

A Michigan Throwback - You can put MGoFootball in the "Pro" category for the uniforms.

Michigan Gets it Right With Retro Jerseys - Maize and Go Blue also likes them. Nice recap of some of Michigan's jersey history.

Michigan Unveils Night Game Uniforms (Photos) - Brad at M&BN also likes the new unis.

Legacy Throwbacks Revealed, and a few other things.. - Greg over at M Victors was on hand for the Jersey unveiling and took some great photos. Put him in the "they're better than I expected" category and definitely in favor of the throwback helmets. He's also got some good insight into Brandon's "big events" for the night game. A must click.

eBay Watch: The Union…For Michigan Men - Greg also gives us an update on wear the vintage Block "M" that appears on some of the Night Game merchandise is coming from.

General Michigan News

U-M's Board of Regents to consider $14M upgrade to Yost Ice Arena - That's a lot of change to fix up Yost again, but it's needed. I think the important note from Brandon is here:

"It's challenging because the bones of the building are old and established and there isn't a whole lot you can do with them, nor do you want to do much with them," Brandon said of Yost, which was built in 1923. "It's a beautiful structure. But it creates limitations in terms of how you bring in new bleachers systems and how you renovate food-service areas and merchandising areas and the concourses and all the things we want to do."

Yost Ice Arena video board going up and possibly more updates coming - Jason at Michigan Hockey Net breaks down the coming improvements to Yost.

So much more after the jump.....

Michigan announces hiring of Brian Wiseman; Tech hires Muckalt - Didn't have a chance to post this last week, Michigan has hired its three leading scorer in its history to replace the departed Mel Pearson as Red's assistant coach.

The Blog That Yost Built - Yost Built covers the Wiseman hiring, Bill Muckalt signing to coach at Michigan Tech with Pearson, and other comings and goings at Yost.

Brady Hoke: No change to indefinite suspension of U-M's Darryl Stonum - Stonum was arrested early on May 6 for driving under the influence. He got two years of probation for what was his second DUI charge in three years at Michigan. Hoke has set no timetable for his return and it remains extremely likely that Stonum will not suit up this season, at least in my opinion.

U-M football adds four-star recruits Tom Strobel, Erik Magnuson to 2012 class - Michigan adds two elite level prospects to the 2012 roster. Strobel is one of the best players in Ohio at DE and Magnuson is a California based hoss of an offensive lineman who has the potential to replace Taylor Lewan when he graduates.

U-M 2012 recruiting class ranked sixth nationally by ESPN - Brady Hoke can recruit, people.

Former Michigan wide receiver Ron Bellamy discusses Ohio State and 7-on-7 football - The former Michigan receiver gives a great interview.

2011 Season Preview: The Michigan Wolverines And The Power Of Perception - A look at the 2011 Michigan Wolverines football team via SBNation. Man is this stat heavy.

Holdin' The Rope: Remember When: 2010 Indiana - Not my first choice for a Remember When, but it's a fun read.

Big Ten News

Luke Fickell on Michigan: 'Our guys will know about Nov. 26, I promise you that' - Gauntlet thrown down, Mr. Fickell.

Nebraska the favorite in the new Big Ten - Sporting News - Five points from the Sporting News on the Big Ten conference. Nebraska's the favorite, according to them, but anyone writing off OSU is a moron. The more I think about it, and actually look at what OSU loses as a result of these suspensions and firings, the more I think OSU could still contend and be the best team in the conference even if they can't play in the inaugural championship game.

The Whole OSU Cheating and Lying and Getting Hammered by the NCAA Thing

iBlog for Cookies - Vijay emerges from his long slumber to break down the case against Ohio State in extraordinary detail. And not just that, he tells you why the excuses don't fit, and what the starting point will be for sanctions. Not where they'll end. Great read. Great to have him back writing, even if it's temporary. (Please don't let it be temporary).

OSU, the NCAA's Statute of Limitations, and You - The Wolverine Blog takes look at Jim Tressel, Ohio State, and whether the NCAA's statute of limitations could be waived and OSU's 2002 national title vacated. Personally, I think it's pretty far fetched that the NCAA would reach that far back. Still, it's an option. I suspect the NCAA may reach back to 2006 at the latest.

Man behind latest Ohio State allegation boasted of connections to Terrelle Pryor and other players - Who is Dennis Talbott, the man who had access to Ohio State players and the star quarterback? All the details are in the OTL piece that gave us Dennis Talbott and one more wonderfully juicy OSU nugget of institutional fail.

Ohio State Buckeyes football program was notified about Dennis Talbott as early as 2007 - I hate massive block quotes, but I kinda have to take these two paragraphs just to give you a taste of how far back OSU knew of the shenanigans involving Dennis Talbott.

In a March 21, 2007, email to former coach Jim Tressel, which was provided to The Plain Dealer, a source gave the following warning about the alleged online activities of Talbott, a Columbus-based freelance photographer who also is involved in memorabilia sales: "He has sold over 50 items with underclassmen signatures before their eligibility expires and would seem to be someone that both you and the university is aware of. I have a full report of his eBay activities if you would like to explore further or require documentation."

How you ignore this is beyond me.

Report: Terrelle Pryor, businessman played golf in 2008 - The relationship between former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor and Dennis Talbott included a buttload of golf and signing a lot of stuff for a lot of money.

Oversight vs. privacy at OSU - This Columbus Dispatch on what OSU would and wouldn't reveal on the basis of "privacy". What's more shocking is that this article is two years old.

Tressel tipster facing misconduct charges for initial e-mails - Chris Cicero is looking at losing his law license for his infamous tip email to Tressel.

Other Stuff

The Wolverine Blog " Your 2011 Guide to the Western Athletic Conference* - Want 20,000 words on the WAC? Alex at the Wolverine Blog has you covered.