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Thursday Happy Hour Does Not Like Cleveland, Does Like The Yost Scoreboard

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Afternoon Brews

Programming note: I'm back. Real life intervened for two days. It was a happy two days, but busy never the less.

Big Michigan Related News

Red Berenson: U-M fans will be 'fired up' for outdoor game in Cleveland - It's going to be a reality folks. Michigan hockey will play Ohio State at Progressive Field... ney... Jacobs Field on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

"I'd never say no to an outdoor game," Michigan Hockey Head Coach Red Bereson said Wednesday. "It's great for the players and unique for our fans. It's throwback hockey. Our fans get fired up for outdoor games. They travel well."

Yeah. We will. I've been at the last two, and dammit, I'm not going to miss this one either. Still, the prospect of Cleveland.... egh.... Even when there's snow and ice to cover up up the garbage and hypodermic needles, it's still Cleveland. Fun Times In Cleveland Today! Yes. The Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos must be posted. 

And because you can't have one without the other... Well... You'll have to go here for the second one because they disabled the embed code. Stupid Cleveland.

Outdoor game at Progressive Field possibly coming | Michigan Hockey Net - Jason does ask the critical question on this, "Are people getting burnt out on these Outdoor games?" I don't know the answer to that. I think if you were to combine the game with an NHL game, then it could be cool. But Cleveland is not a hockey hotbed by any stretch, and there's a pretty good possibility that Jacobs field could have a lot of empty seats.

Here's the thing, the players and coaches LOVE THEM. From the Detroit News link above.

"I can't wait to be a part of another outdoor game," Michigan Junior Forward Jeff Rohrkemper said. "The outdoor games are the highlight of the year. It just shows how fortunate we are to be part of this program.."

I mean, who can blame them. As a hockey player there's nothing more natural, more pure than playing outdoors. You grow up doing that in the north, shiny with your friends. Skating in your back yard. Banking pucks off the garage door, mom's flower garden trellis, or that horrible garden statue your aunt gave the family. It's something special for them.

The Blog That Yost Built: More Outdoor Hockey! - Yost, for some reason, is excited about traveling to Cleveland. No one is excited about Cleveland. Not even people in Cleveland. I am excited about outdoor hockey, however, so a little enthusiasm is warranted. Speaking of enthusiasm, there's this:


Behold the new scoreboards, courtesy of MHN and Yost Built. This thing is going to be awesome. Imagine, actually being able to see a replay... in life size. I hear they're going to do nothing but pump RAWK MUZIK from the speakers underneath in an attempt to give MGo an anyerism. It's just what I hear.... (j/k Mgo).

Pre-order sales for U-M legacy jerseys going strong - Hate them all you want HATRZ, but sales are going through the roof for Michigan's stiched, stripey "Legacy" jerseys. For all the uproar that the jerseys caused, our own little informal poll shows that a little more than 60% of people either like the jerseys or really don't care about them.

more fun after the jump.....

Recall The Basketball Commitment Kraken - MGoBlog on the lightning commits to the basketball team yesterday, the first day you could extend official offers to the 2013 calss. In the blink of an eye, Michigan had two new commits. Forward/Center Mark Donnal and Guard/Wing Austin Hatch.

2011 Football Preview: Why Not Us? - Ever the optimist, Ace at The Wolverine Blog asks the eternal question about the 2011 Michigan Football season.

College Football

What Kills Us In the End - Eleven Warriors - I'll say this first, I really like the guys over at Eleven Warriors. I think they do great work and they're easily the most sensible, rational Ohio State fans you'll ever meet. But I think they're still a long way away from accepting what went on at their alma mater:

I don't know whether Tressel deserves any sympathy. I don't know if he's merely the latest in a long line of ignonimous exits. What I do know is that he had to leave the program, and what I do know is that Jim Tressel has made many young men better people for working with him.

As with all things in life, the exit of Jim Tressel is a messy, complex, and entirely gray thing. What can you call a good man whose passion both destroyed himself and cast down his house? It is the essence of tragedy; that love can destroy.

The closest parrallel I can think of is like finding out your father has another family by having his other wife show up at your house during Thanksgiving. You never knew. You never suspected. Yet there the hard facts are, staring you in the face, talking to you, explaining things to you that only someone who knew your father intimately would be able to explain.

You know it happened. It's there, but in an attempt to keep the world view you've built from collapsing on itself you focus only on the good. You barely acknowledge the bad, that is to say that you only acknowledge it. But you don't process it. Processing the deception hurts too much. You feel like a fool that you didn't see it, that you didn't know. Somehow you feel complicit in the whole thing. So, instead, you paint the situation in soothing tones by remembering the good over the awful and pray that eventually you can come to terms with what happened.

Gator great Danny Wuerffel hospitalized with paralyzing disorder - Prayers are with Danny for a speedy and full recovery.

Pythagorean Expectation and the Myth of Luck, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Northwestern - BHGP examines the pythagorean expectations model (Aka: We UZED MATHZ!) in the Big Ten, and finds that Michigan State are a bunch of lucky luckstersons. And not just last year.

Oregon puts Cliff Harris on ice amid internal probe, $8,500 in unpaid fines - Ooooooooooohhhhhh Oregon you are going to get naaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiil'd

Kelly still ‘optimistic,’ noncommittal on Floyd’s return - "very optimistic" = He's playing 9/10.

Delany still confident in Big Ten rebrand, if only fans would interpret it correctly - The good Doctor on the Big Ten's division names and why the conference is so reluctant to do something simple, like name them something normal.

Report: Former Michigan QB Tate Forcier looking at Hawaii - Forcier has apparently contacted the University of Hawaii football team, according to a report Wednesday in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. He also reportedly has visited San Jose State. Throw in Miami and you begin to see a pattern. 

Michigan Basketball Commits

2013 Notes: Monte Morris, Zak Irvin and Derrick Walton Add Michigan Offers - The 2013 UM basketball recruiting cannon was armed and fired. Offers everywhere.

Austin Hatch to Michigan - has the scoop on new basketball commit Austin Hatch, a 6-foot-6 214 pound wing forward. Hatch was the first Michigan commitment in the class of 2013 and apparently committed within a milisecond of receiving a Michigan offer.

Mark Donnal to Michigan - on Michigan's latest commit Mark Donnal. Donnal is a 6-foot-9, 200 pound big man out of Anthony Wayne High School in Whitehouse, Ohio. Still growing, putting on weight, but has a surprisingly polished game for a skinny big man down low. ESPN likes him, Donnal is ranked 81st in ESPN’s latest top 100.

More from 2013 U-M Commits Mark Donnal and Austin Hatch - Video galore on the new commits.

Michigan Football

Michigan Wolverines | Michigan to sell four-game ticket packages for 2011 - In each of the ticket packages, there are two "Fan Choice" games. Fans pick two of the following four games: Western Michigan, San Diego State, Minnesota, Purdue in order to get Ohio State or Nebraska tickets. All your wallet are belong to us.

Michigan's mantra: learn to hate losing - Also, spinach.

Troy Woolfolk, other Michigan football players to serve as waiters at fundraiser - Anyone think the thought of Taylor Lewan serving you a delicately made dinner while using his finger mustache tattoo is funny?

Ann Arbor sports memorabilia expert: 'We would never touch a college guy' - From the "Duh" files that were apparently not available in Columbus.

Michigan Wolverines | U-M coach Brady Hoke imparts insight to young campers - Hoke said the overall life-skills theme of the annual Sound Mind, Sound Body camp for high school football players is exactly why he and his staff participate.