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Tuesday Additions to the Maize n Brew University Of Michigan License Plate Project

The Maize n Brew University Of Michigan License Plate Project is back for another round. We're collecting photos of the great Michigan themed license plates people have purchased and saving them for posterity. Well. Maybe not posterity, but for a fun diversion during the off season. The response to this little endeavour has been TREMENDOUS (thank you, Coach Hoke), and we're going to keep this rolling through kickoff this September.

I'm actually pretty excited about this round of plates. There are still plenty of states to check off the "states we still need" list, but today we're adding West Virginia and Alabama to list of ones we have. I'm still waiting on you great middle west states to submit some good plates. Knowing that there are 22,000 Michigan alumni in the Chicagoland area, and having seen some great plates in the past, I'm shocked.. SHOCKED... that we don't have a Land O' Lincoln plate to show you. So get on it people! Keep the plates coming so that we can have all 50 state represented by Kickoff!

For those of you keeping track we've notched Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Nebraska, Virginia, Texas, New York, Maryland, OklahomaTennessee, and Indiana. Adding West Virginia and 'Bama today leaves 35 states to go. If you want the easy list, here's the main tag for all of them: "Michigan License Plate Project".

We've got four more great plates to add to the collection today:


Thanks to reader Jason N! I have no idea how your car, and your couch, weren't set on fire these past three years


This one comes courtesy of SCM's father, and tailgate master extraordinaire, JSC! Can't wait to raise a beer and house a donut with you this fall my friend


Thanks to reader Rob F. Love the American flag background on that 'Bama plate!


It's a small photo, but Awesome anyway. Thanks to reader @BigBA10

Keep the plates coming and Go Blue!