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Thursday Happy Hour Has Gone Recruiting Crazy

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semidaily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium of your boring desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information, comedy and commentary to help you salt away the time until the clock strikes 5pm. If you want Maize n Brew in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can friend us on Facebook and become a fan of Maize n Brew on Facebook for more links. Time to take a sip of your:

Afternoon Michigan Recruiting Brews

Will The Worm Turn Blue This Weekend? - The Big House Blog runs down a big recruiting weekend for Michigan. With Ohio State's recruiting in free fall and their commits leaving for greener, less NCAA sanctionable pastures, Michigan looks like it's in an amazing position to reel in one of its best recruiting seasons in a decade. Personally, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Call me a normal, pessimistic Michigan fan, but things are just goinf toooooo well. I think the fall ouot at Ohio State is yet complete, but for Michigan to land one of the crown jewels of OSU's class out of the blue would basically make my head asplode with wonderment.

Unverified Voracity Returns To Eeee - MGo on the Brionte Dunn and Kyle Kalis decommits, as well as the fact that OSU sources are now saying that OSU has NO chance with them. Wow.

Report: Kyle Kalis thinks Chris Wormley is headed to Michigan - 4* DE/DT wants to commit to Michigan and potentially bring giant 5* OT with him? Yes, plz!

OSU commitment Kyle Kalis to visit Michigan - The Detroit News blurb on the obv. Kyle Kalis, a five-star offensive tackle who has made a verbal commitment to Ohio State, will visit Michigan this weekend, according to various reports.

Buckeyes Face Recruiting Challenges - sat down with OSU recruiting coordinator John Peterson to talk about OSU's efforts to put together a recruiting class for the 2012 season. Let's see how that works, shall we? "Hey, are you guys going to be able to go to bowl games while I'm there?" "No." "Aren't you facing other massive sanctions?" "Yes." "Thanks for stopping by."

Car purchases of Ohio State players didn't violate state law - I SEE NOSSSING. NOSSSSSSING.

Afternoon Michigan Basketball Brews

Where Will Darius Morris Go? - UMGoBlog takes a look at Darius' prospects in the NBA draft. Here's hoping he lands as a first round pick.

Afternoon Michigan Football Brews

Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club changes tailgating rules again to accommodate groups - Woooooooo Whoooooo! If you tailgate at AAGOC, this is great, great news!

Ranking the Big Ten wide receivers - Roundtree checks in at No. 4. With his lack of elite speed, this seems about right. Darryl Stonum and Junior Hemmingway (who I think will be a monster this year) rate honorable mention.

Big Ten position rankings: WR/TE - Michigan comes in at No. 2 overall. Hard to disagree that MSU's talented cadre of receivers is slated first. However, if Stonum ever makes it back, this could be the most talented group of receivers Michigan's seen since 2006.

Ranking the Big Ten tight ends - Kevin Koger (not Kroger) checks in at No. 7. Honestly I think he's in for HUGE year in Borges offense.

Rittenberg Ranks Denard the B1G Ten's #1 QB -  I think Ritt's dead on, although Dan Persa's a bit more of a polished passer. The upside here is just too much to miss with Robinson. The othe thing is, and this shouldn't be overlooked, is the quality of the offensive line that both pssaers are returning to. Good offensive lines make even mediocre quarterbacks look good (example A: Kirk Cousins). Denard will have his facepalm moments because of the new system, but by mid season he should be in a nice groove and have pretty good command of the offense. After that, look out.

General Michigan News

U-M hockey schedule released; two possible DHs with football - Words cannot express how happy I am about the potential of being able to see a football and hockey game on the same day, twice. When people say go to your happy place, that's where I go. The two potential double header dates are: Oct. 1st when the football team hosts Minnesota and the hockey team has an exhibition game against the University of Ontario Institute of Technology at 7:35 p.m; and, the other option is the Nov. 19 game against Nebraska while hockey hosts Ohio State that night.

Michigan Wolverines | U-M lacrosse team adds assistant coach, director of operations - Head coach John Paul announced Wednesday the addition of two staff members to Michigan's men's lacrosse program — assistant coach Ken Broschart and director of operations Joe Hennessy. Welcome aboard!

Conference Re-Draft Round 4 is Done - TSK wraps up round 4. Just so you know, round 5 is going to be excellent for us. We got friggin STANFORD at the end of round four. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

General College Football News

Careful what you tweet, Terps: Maryland compliance is watching- Maryland football players are really, really stupid. Either that or they're engaged in an elaborate ploy to eff with their compliance department as part of a psychological study. Also, stop quoting Kanye West. His beats flow, but he's a tool.

Meme Watch: Vegas anoints Auburn as underdog… in almost every game - Oh man. If there's one thing you really don't want to happen if you're a college football fan, it's Vegas pegging your ass as a 'dog in every game of the season. Why? Because Vegas has a long profitable history of being right. With Cameron Newton and Nick Fairley gone, along with a pile of starters in the NFL or other occupations Doc Saturday asks whether or not Auburn could go from National Champion to Michigan circa 2008.

Marcus Coker aims sky high for Iowa - Considering Iowa's issues with the heeezy over the last few years... god.... this headline is awesome. Arguably Ritt's best, intentional, dig ever. The other thing is, this headline ensures Coker will be struck by a plance falling out of the sky or a piece of the international space station that fell out and re-entered the atmosphere. Surest way to cripple an Iowa running back? Talk about him. AIRBHaG takes care of the rest.

Ohio State's Gee apologizes to Little Sisters of the Poor - Somewhere in Ohio, Yakety sax plays on eternal loop. That somewhere is Gordon Gee's office.