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Monday Happy Hour's Prayers Are With Austin Hatch

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Afternoon Brews

Austin Hatch Update

As you're aware, 2013 Michigan Basketball commitment Austin Hatch was involved in a small plane crash this past Friday which claimed the life of his step-mother and father. Austin suffered severe injuries and was placed in a medically induced coma in an attempt to reduce the swelling in his brain following the crash. As UM Hoops and the Wolverine point out, it appears that Hatch will be brought out of the coma today. All our prayers are with Austin, his family and friends. Just a quick note that Dylan at UM Hoops pointed out in case you're wondering why the University of Michigan has been quiet on this tragedy; they have to be. Per UM Hoops:

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate and painful aspects of the situation is the lack of support that the University of Michigan is able to provide to Hatch, per NCAA rules. Make no mistake about it, the Michigan staff will do all that’s allowed but NCAA rules surrounding contact and support of prospective student athletes still apply in this situation.

Get better Austin. We're all pulling for you

Football Commitapalooza Continues

Michigan had another busy recruiting weekend, starting friday with the grey-shirt commitment of safety Jeremy Clark. Clark is not, at this point, a 2012 commitment and his scholarship won't become active until January 2013. Mangus breaks down Clark's game in detail, along with explaining how the grey shirt commitment works. At around 6'3", Clark is tall for a safety/cornerback. The fact that the offer is a grey-shirt is a little bit of a concern to me, but if the coaching staff liked him enough to make an offer (be it 2012 or 2013) it means he can play. Clark also had offers from Akron, Ball State, Central Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina State, Ohio, and Toledo. There seems to be an uptick in his recruitment as Illinois and NCSt offered a few days before his commitment, so there's a hope that the lanky DB is one of those diamonds in the rough that OSU made a business out of unearthing. But given his height, low weight, and lack of recruiting buzz, I suspect he's got a red-shirt and a couple of years in the weight room ahead of him before he sees any meaningful playing time.

On Sunday/Monday, Michigan received the commitment of gigantic offensive lineman Blake Bars. TTB, of course, has your wrap up on Michigan's new hoss in the trenches. In a word, Bars is "Big". The lineman is 6'5" and 275 lbs., benches 310 lbs., and squats 425. He's a decently recruited lineman as well, sporting offers from LSU, Penn State (where his brother is a LB), and a slew of other mid-level BCS teams, so his commitment is a nice addition to the class. There seems to be some confusion as to where he'll play when he eventually sees the field. TTB and MGo seem to believe he's better suited for guard and the Michigan coaches apparently see him as a Tackle. Mayhaps some of the confusion on this matter stems from Bars being a little stiff and happy-under-foot in pass protection. His footwork is a little goofy, but I think with his frame and some coaching he could be a very good Big Ten lineman for Michigan.

Welcome aboard to both Blake and Jeremy.

In West Virginia Love is $3.99 and Getting Cheaper

When considering the smoldering crater that was once known as West Virginia Football, it's easy to forget that less than four years ago the Mountaineers were one game from playing for the National Championship. Then Rich Rodriguez was mesmerized by Dave Wannstedt's mustache, WVU lost to Pitt and Rodriguez was on a plane to Ann Arbor in what turned out to be one of the more disastrous coaching searches in BCS history. And I'm talking about college football in general. Three years later, both Michigan and West Virginia's football programs resembled something out of the Postman or the Road Warrior. Magnificent desolation, fights to the death inside the Thunder Dome, and MOAR LEATHER. Now, with Bill Stewart's ouster from Morgantown, we must all think back to that fateful night in Pittsburgh that brought about the football Apocalypse upon two programs. All that will be left are the scars and the bright yellow WFVU t-shirts to remind us of this fateful night and the troubled times that followed.

And just to be clear, wouldn't it have been better to send these t-shirts to some charity that distributes them to West Africa so that we could see a "West Virginia HEARTS Coach Stew" on a Sudanese Rebel next to another in Ohio State 2006 National Champions t-shirt? Of course it would. (Massive HT: The Smoking Musket via EDSBS)

When Beer and Ohio State Satire Combine An Angel Gets Its Wings

The new world record for removing all the cash from my wallet has been established. Our freinds at EDSBS unearthed the gem below whilst supporting his local Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta (which you should do for your local Brewery, as well). Usually graphics and beer naming at breweries is dark, demonic, and apropo of whatever Dungeons and Dragons character the local brewmaster created the weekend before. But this. This is glorious. This beer could taste like the Cuyahoga River, and still be on fire, and I would still buy it in order to support this level of assholishness from ACC/SEC country.

But get it quick, "because just like last year’s Sugar Bowl win, this one will be gone before you know it!" Well played.

MOAR after the jump.....

Other Brews From the Webz

The State of Recruiting: Interior Linemen - The Wolverine Blog outlines what Michigan needs and is going after for offensive line recruiting in 2012/2013.

The Blog That Yost Built: Gibson, Serville Drafted - Michigan's two highest rated hockey recruits went in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the NHL draft. The big concern here is that Gibson is Michigan's big get goalie recruit, and his second round status could push the Ducks into trying to sign the kid before he sets foot on campus. The Ducks are usually pretty good about letting players develop, but with Anaheim's disastrous season between the pipes they may not have the luxury of waiting. - Hoops notes: Hardaway starts strong overseas - Michigan sophomore to be wing Tim Hardaway Jr. scored 16 of his 18 points in the second half, but it wasn't enough for the U19 USA world championship team. A U20 Lithuanian squad raced to a 59-27 halftime lead and withstood a second half rally for a 101-72 exhibition victory. UMHoops has more on Hardaway's performance and some video as well.

Michigan, MSU stand up for compliance - With the investigation of the Ohio State football program and the NCAA’s investigation into the Michigan football program last season, officials at U-M and MSU say they are vigilant about remaining compliant.

Michigan 'very close' to meeting terms of practice time penalty - Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said the football program has worked efficiently to fulfill its self-imposed penalty of practice and training time for NCAA violations incurred during former coach Rich Rodriguez's tenure.

Troy Woolfolk ready to put injuries behind him for senior season - Come'on back T-Wolf. Can't wait to see you back in action.

Football a catharsis for tragedy-riddled Graham - Chris Graham is putting a lot into every hit he delivers at the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ rookie camp. And let's be clear, he's putting his whole soul into it.

Mascot at Michigan? Let's please not mess with a good thing - Put Chengelis in the "Nay" category for a mascot.