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Explaining What "Tech" Means for Michigan's Defensive Line

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Today's going to be a busy day for yours truly. In fact, it's going to be a busy day for all of us over at Maize n Brew. Don't worry. No one's got "responsibilities" or a "baby" or a "real job." We're just swamped with... well... yeah... all of what I said we don't have. Except the baby thing.

If we had them we'd practice the ancient Grecian art of "fend for yourself and don't come back until you've kill a giant wolf with a toothpick and a dental floss garrote," because those are skills you need for a life in business. And that's just for the boys. The strengthening process on the girls is even tougher. What? You think mergers and acquisitions are pleasant handshakes? Hell no.

When Maize n Brew Industries takes over a vulnerable company if we don't inflict at least a 80% casualty rate amongst their executive board, it's not a takeover, it's a failure of capitalism. Just so you know, we're eyeing your company now. So you might want to consider alternative employment, or buying a flak jacket and night vision goggles googles (not that they'll help). We're just saying.

Anyway, our buddy Magnus over at Touch the Banner answered a question we've been asking for years: "What the hell does 'Tech' mean for football?" With all the discussion regarding Michigan's defensive line, positioning, and how/where certain players will play, this post is really relevant moving into Fall Practice. Magnus explains the 5 Tech, 1 Tech, and 3 Tech in Michigan's new 4-3 Under defense. A small sampling to perk your interest:

5-technique, which is on the weakside offensive tackle's outside shoulder
Gap responsibility: C gap (outside offensive tackle and containing outside)
What should he look like?  This is essentially the weakside end position that gets so much attention in recruiting each year.  He's typically the quicker and lighter of the two defensive ends.  While he should be more of a threat as a pass rusher, he needs to be able to hold his own against single blocking by the offensive tackle.  In certain blitz packages, he might also need to cover the flat zone or a running back out of the backfield.  You can expect this player to be between 6'3" and 6'5" and somewhere around 260 lbs.
Best physical fit: Craig Roh (6'5", 251 lbs.)

We'll be back shortly to provide some more content. But until then head over to TTB and learn things.