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They Got The News, Time To Cruise In Brady's Jeep With The Top Down


LSUFreek, as usual, outdoes himself. I know this is up a little bit after the fact, but I can't stop laughing at it. In the left hand corner watch the little shimmy from Paterno. On the right, scratch your head and wonder in amazement as to how Freek ever found a photo of Dantonio smiling. Ahhh, George Michael, you are the gift that keeps on giving. If not for Tressel's careless whisper, and Pryor's credit card baby, LSUFreek wouldn't have to wake me up before me go goes.

Genius. Pure genius.

(P.S. Sorry for the repost. For some reason the SBN editor won't let me publish this as a Fanshot. Hence, I took down the old one.)