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Terrelle Pryor To Leave Ohio State According To His Lawyer


Via the Twiters, specifically Doug Lesmerises, Ohio State writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Terrelle Pryor is done at Ohio St. (CPD Story Here). This honestly comes as no surprise to anyone who's followed this story since it broke back in November. Regardless of what came of his NCAA investigation, Pryor was going to be significantly behind the eight ball following to return to the field after his five game suspension and that could in no way help his draft status. Further, if OSU struggled out of the gate minus its signal caller and four other starters the pressure mounting on Pryor to fix everything immediately would have been immense. Think diamond formation intense.

So, you can spin this a couple of different ways. First, if you believe that Pryor was a complete d-bag, you can conclude that the pending investigation would have banned him from playing anyway (which he knew going in) and said the hell with it. Second, if you're an OSU supporter, you can argue that Pryor wanted to save himself and his teammates the aggravation of dealing with an prolonged, distracting investigation (check!) and left the school to circumcise orphans in Indonesia and minister to the sick in Ghana. Third, if you're somewhere in between, you can argue this is bad, bad news for Ohio State.

If there was nothing substantial on Pryor other than a couple of tattoos, I think he probably would've stayed. I mean the guy already passed up the NFL draft to stay, so his hopes of a big payday this year had already gone by the wayside. No. This is bad news and an indication that the shenanigans that started this investigation are just the tip of the iceberg.

No word on what's next for Pryor, but I assume it begins with "S" and ends in "supplemental draft." Stay tuned.