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Maize n Brew's University Of Michigan License Plate Project

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First off, thanks everyone! Ever since the first posting of the "GOBREW" license plate I've been getting some great photos of your plates. And, of course, I've gotta post them. My plan is to keep the off-season rolling with your photos of great UM themed license plates and even some B1G Ten themed ones (if appropriate). I got the three jewels below yesterday and had to post them.

I figure with all news of Ohio State's pending demolition by the NCAA and the ongoing investigation of Terrelle Pryor, it kinda seems like we're turning into a general CFB Blog because there hasn't been a lot of Michigan related content recently. So, in an attempt to get back to our roots, let's have a little good ole' homerism today. We'll keep covering the disaster in Columbus, you know... 'cause it's really, really funny.... but, barring more awesome revelations of wrong doing at OSU, we're going to try to keep it all Michigan today. So, without further delay, behold these three beauties.


Thanks to reader KB!


Thanks to reader KB!

Thanks to reader Woody!

Keep 'em coming folks! This will help us survive the off-season!