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Saying Goodbye to Old Friends: Block-C and BSD Mike Sign Off

[Meta - Because it's the off-season and old buddies are dropping like flies.]

It's never fun when you have to say good-bye to old friends. But that's just something that happens to bloggers as we get older. The time we once had in abundance to write, read, laugh and type disappears. In its place we find jobs, new families, children, and middle age. It's the cycle of life. Time will look at the things you love and offer you other things you love and force you to choose between them. Ultimately you do, and a little piece of you turns into a memory rather than an active aspect of who you are.

Last week time robbed us of two old friends. First, our old friend Mike of BSD hung up his keyboard and passed the day-to-day operations of Black Shoe Diaries on to his co-authors. It's bittersweet to see Mike call it quits. We started writing at the same time, joined SB Nation at the same time, and have written and collaborated on a number of things together. I also know that he's a family man with a wonderful wife, two great kids, and a calling that I very much admire. So, while I am sad to see Mike sign off, I am happy that he can begin this wonderful new chapter of his life.

You see, I'm really not using hyperbole when I say that. Blogging takes time. A lot of it. It is a constant time sink that eats away hours, keeps you up at night, and can wear you down like a retreating glacier. Strangely, it is an endeavour that we all love and take to without thought at first. It is so much fun. Your thoughts, your opinions, your theories are being read and commented on by others. It's a bit of a rush as you build a community and/or a following. You check your sitemeter and watch it grow. It is, and I mean this, incredibly exciting.

But, as time passes, readership grows, and demands increase, you find that so much more of your free time is taken up by this love. It starts to conflict with other things you love. Ever the bargainer, you find ways to make it work. Certain things are sacrificed. You go on. Eventually, however, the flame goes out. A blogger runs out of time or runs out of energy to put his thoughts onto a keyboard. And finally, you are confronted with the bargain outlined above. And in the grand scheme of things, blogging will always come out the loser in this transaction.

This brings us to our friends at Block-C. I first became aware of Block-C three years ago when Michigan drew Clemson in the NCAA tournament. I contacted Willy Mac about a potential Q&A session for the tournament and low, a kinship was found. I'd never really thought much about Clemson before that email exchange, but after talking with the guys, writing with them, and reading their site, I became hooked. They were great, funny writers who didn't take themselves too seriously, attributes I admire to this day. Sadly, like Mike, they too succumbed to the passing years and the eventual trade-offs we must all make.

I want to thank Mike and the crew at Block-C for their time and for making me smile (and think) with their writing and their unique point of views. I also want to wish them every success in their future endeavours. I'm certainly better for having known them.

Thanks guys.