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A Different Kind of Attrition: Michigan Opens Fall Camp By Saying Good-Bye To Four Players

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Off seasons are a funny thing. Even though little of true note happens during that time, a program can "build" or "lose" "momentum" based on the perceived implications of what happens during the off season. Take Michigan for example. Last season people were scared out of their minds about the "implications" of practicegate, mediocre recruiting, and the supernova hot lounge chair that Rich Rodriguez inhabited. In response, Michigan raced out to a 5-0 start. Perception and reality inhabited different places.

This off season has been the polar opposite of last. There is nothing but unicorn farts and flowers emanating from Schembechler Hall. Brady Hoke's recruiting. Players are staying out of trouble. Michigan Stadium is getting new scoreboards. Denard Robinson is happy.

Sadly, the two summers now have two things in common: attrition. Yesterday, Michigan announced its roster and roster numbers for the football team ahead of fall practice. Sadly three players and one in-coming recruit are no longer on the roster.

According to the Detroit Free Press Offensive Lineman Christian Pace, Defensive Tackle Terry Talbott, and Running Back Teric Jones have all received medial exceptions and will be allowed to keep their scholarships, though those scholarship will not count against Michigan Football's scholarship numbers. Sadly, it appears their playing days are over.

Also missing from the roster was incoming freshman Kellen Jones, a linebacker from Texas. A University spokesperson told the media simply that Jones was no longer enrolled at Michigan and no longer on the football roster.  We wish Kellen the best, where ever he ends up.

Turning back to the medicaled players, it's sad to see them hang their cleats up. Christian Pace was supposed to be the next David Molk. A fast, powerful center with a great first step and leverage that you simply can't teach. It had been rumored for a while that Pace suffered an injury last season that simply wouldn't heal. Sadly, that's been confirmed in the worst way. Good luck Christian.

Next was Teric Jones. Jones was another member of the Cass Tech pipeline that took his Michigan offer almost as soon as it was given. The speedy running back was the consummate team player, moving from RB to safety to corner and back to running back. Whatever the team needed, he did. It really sucks that his playing days are over because teams need guys like him. Good luck Teric.

Finally we're sad to see Terry Talbott won't be able to suit up. Talbott was one of Rodriguez' last recruits at a position Michigan desperately needs help with. While it was assumed Talbott would need a year or two to bulk up, a lot of us were hoping he'd be able to contribute by his junior or senior year. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. It'd been rumored for a while that Talbott was banged up, and today we got confirmation of that. We wish Terry the best of luck.

We at Maize n Brew wish all four of these young men the best in their future studies and endeavours.