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Tuesday Happy Hour Can't Wait For Breakfast With Bloodpunch

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semidaily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium of your boring desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information, comedy and commentary to help you salt away the time until the clock strikes 5pm. If you want Maize n Brew in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can friend us on Facebook and become a fan of Maize n Brew on Facebook for more links. Time to take a sip of our:

Afternoon Brews

I'll Have the Blood Sausage, Bloodpunch - I admire the Iowa Athletic Department's bravery. I really do. For some reason they invited me (and, I'm assuming the rest of the assembled Big Ten media, the Polynesian rugby team, and several West African towns) to a breakfast with Iowa AD Gary Barta, or BLOODPUNCH as he is affectionately known around the office. This makes me happier than Nick Saban upon learning that his third-string, fifth-year defensive tackle has a stubbed toe with which he can medical his scholarship. Questions will be prepared and asked, I just have no idea what they will be.

And to answer your question, yes, I am attempting to get a T-shirt made that reads BLOODPUNCH for Barta's signature. If signed this will immediately be shipped to the Black Heart Gold Pantsunderground lair in Cambodia where Vint and Jacobi will take turns calling it their "wife". If you have questions about things other than how many times a week he prank calls Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard, leave them in the questions below.

Geography Damned, We're Adding a New School- Scott Dochterman at the Gazette writes up a compelling narrative of how Big Ten expansion came to pass. In eight and a half chapters. This is a great read and a great recap of what went down. Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Six (B), Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight. Enjoy.

Rivals Has Michigan Ranked 36th, That Seems About Right- I missed posting this a couple of days ago, but Rivals College Football site is ranking the BS schools one slot at a time. Michigan checks in at 36th, well below scheduled opponents Notre Dame, Ohio State, Nebraska, and... surprisingly... Michigan State. Rivals is into the 20's at this point, so just based on the rankings, Michigan's looking at 8-4. The preview is short and to the point. Not a lot there that you don't already know but it's worth a read.

Does Brady Hoke Need To Win Something Other Than Our Hearts in 2011?- According to Adam Rittenberg, he does. Ritt isn't saying or writing this to be contrarian. If you take a look at Michigan's schedule next season you'll get a pretty good idea as to why he's making this assertion. 2012 is a killer, with away games against Alabama (in Dallas), Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State. A quick start in 2011 will help buy him some time in 2012, not in terms of his job, but make it a little easier if things start slowly in 2012.

Red Berenson is Awesome, Still Awesome at Playing Hockey Too- I've had the good fortune to meet a couple of Michigan's former hockey players in social settings, and after a few adult beverages gotten their take on Coach Berenson's work out regimen. A former player, who is in his late twenties told me point blank that he couldn't keep up with Red's personal work outs. How awesome is that? Red is now in his 70's and still playing better than many fourth liners in the NHL. The San Jose Sharks writers met up with Berenson for an interview before his team kicked the holy hell out of their division in the Snoopy's Senior Tournament out in California. Just a great, great interview.

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Other Stuff

Hint: He's Really Fast- Huskers Extra takes an in depth look at Denard Robinson.

Drew Dileo is Awesome?- Chatsports has a long post on various rumors around the football program. The whole article is quite good and has some interesting stuff, but this caught my eye:

Drew Dileo... has been turning heads. Dileo is said to have a world class work ethic and has been a go-to player for the QB’s in off-season workouts. One person I know who got access to a couple informal players-only 7 on 7′s said Dileo was the best player on the field for long stretches. The thing that separates him is his incredible route running and that he never drops a ball. Know this: Michigan QB’s lost confidence in Roundtree down the stretch last season and have seen how Dileo’s glue-hands can keep drives alive. It sounds like Dileo will see A LOT of playing time this season.

Imagine, a slot type receiver who holds onto the damn ball. (Glares at Roundtree). If this is true it's, one: shocking; and, two: awesome. Michigan has truly lacked a sure hands guy for about three years. This would be a welcome development.

Big Ten football preview: top questions - Dave Dye breaks down the Big Ten's big questions, picks the winners, and CPOYs.

Michigan a Team on the Rise- ESPN's Mark Schlabach thinks so. But he does say it'll be at least a year before Michigan returns to contention in the Big Ten.

When The Conference Decides Not To Do Something, Do It Yourself - One of the off season changes I applaud was the Big Ten's decision to get rid of the pre-season picks for the conference. Personally, I'm a big fan of this because the pre-season awards are truly meaningless and all they do is give people something to argue over until actual football is being played. That, however, did not stop the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

According to ESPN: "The Plain Dealer reached out to 24 Big Ten beat writers -- two who cover each league team -- and had them predict the divisions, the championship game winner, the preseason offensive and defensive players of the year and the Big Ten's top coach."

I know you're curious about this, so let's get to it. The Legends division was picked as follows:

Division predictions (first-place votes in parentheses)
* Voting on 6-5-4-3-2-1 point system

1. Nebraska (19) 139
2. Michigan State (4) 118
3. Iowa 82
4. Michigan (1) 71
5. Northwestern 69
6. Minnesota 25

I am utterly fascinated that Michigan received the only first place vote not slotted for Nebraska and want to know who did that. Actually, no. No, I don't. Take it FWIW.

Brady Hoke Is Good at Recruiting- More on Hoke's seemingly amazing recruiting run in Ohio for the 2012 class. Come on folks, we all know the secret.

Michigan Recruits Shine at Gridiron Stars Camp- 2013 QB Commit Shane Morris is schoolin' foo's, recruiting like a maniac for Michigan.

More on Gridiron Stars from ESPN - More of a detailed breakdown of the above link.

October, Early November Stretch Key For Michigan in 2011 - Ritt breaks down Michigan's key stretch. It ain't going to be easy to walk out 4-0.

Former Michigan Star James Hall Likes Brady Hoke - I'm telling you, Hoke could convince a horse to wear pants.

Tyrone Wheatley Would Like Some of Your Recruits, Fred Jackson - Wheatley is now the running backs coach at Syracuse and is directly competing with his former mentor and coach.

College Fantasy Football Insider Previews the Big Ten- Were you aware that people are so obsessed with fantasy football that there's a college version? If so you are a creepy person who needs to get out more. Sun is good for you. I promise. Anyway, CFFI previewed the Legends Division and Leaders Division. No surprises here.