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Friday Happy Hour Looks Like Anthony Anderson, Enjoys The Start of Michigan's 2011 Fall Football Camp

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Site News

Dammit We're Busy! - Sorry for the lack of content the last two days. I'm in the process of starting a new job and simply haven't had time to work on the site as I closed up my old office. However, fear not, because help is on the way. Both Beauford and Remember Bo will be returning to the blogging saddle again shortly and I'm working with some new writers to help out with our semi-daily Happy Hours. As an additional bonus, we're working on a T-Shirt shop. That's right. Maize 'n Shop, Gear 'n Brew, something along those lines. High quality cotton mixed with college football and/or alcohol themed humor. Details and awesomeness to follow.

So, bottom line, we'll be able to keep you up to date on Michigan Football as the season rolls a long, as well as get back to the dick and fart jokes you've come to love. However, if you are interested in contributing, the door's always open. Shoot me an email at Maizenbrewdave at GMAIL dot COM, and we'll get you going (especially if you're into basketball or Michigan's non-revenue sports.)

Stuff To Watch Right Now

Greg Mattison is awesome. Coach Montgomery looks like Anthony Anderson.

Stuff To Read Right Now

San Diego State-TCU 2010: An Offensive Primer - Wow. Our buddies at Holdin' the Rope have an insanely detailed breakdown of the San Diego State offense against TCU last season. Conclusions are drawn regarding their efficacy and Michigan's prospects in 2011. A really good read and interesting read in terms of trying to discern what Borges and Hoke intend to do this season.

Practice Wrap Up So Far - Ann Arbor dot Com gives us a pretty good wrap-up of Michigan's fall practice so far. In short, Brandon Herron has moved to Weak-side Linebacker in a move that will probably get the senior on the field a lot more than anyone previously predicted. Kenny Demens is still slotted at MLB, and Cam Gordon and Jake Ryan will compete for starting time at SLB. The interesting thing will be seeing whether senior J.B. Fitzgerald can hold off fellow senior Marell Evans for playing time as Demens' primary backup. Also of note, Troy Woolfolk and J.T. Floyd are back and healthy, just sore. Which is natural coming off an ankle injury requiring surgery. Hoke continues to praise Courtney Avery and true freshman Greg Brown (who was in for Spring Practice), and has indicated that no one is guaranteed a starting slot. Still, if I was a betting man, Woolfolk and Avery start. Floyd is the first off the bench. And Brown and freshman Blake Countess back them up along with Terrence Talbott.


Prevail and Ride: CFB Offseason Review - Click on this for the Jim Tressel Barry Switzer comparison that will crack your ass up. However, before you click on this, fair warning. Lots of MS Paint penises are waiting for you, but when the blog's tagline is "Dicks Make Everything Funnier", well you kinda know what you're getting yourself into.

Ohio State-Michigan hockey to play in Indians' ballpark - Jacobs (now progressive) Field is a cool venue, I get that, but really? Ohio State doesn't take hockey seriously. Ohio as a whole doesn't take hockey seriously. And you're playing Hockey in a not that famous baseball park.

Maize Pages: And... Begin - Go get 'em Jeff.

Michigan Football

Michigan wide receiver Martavious Odoms should be out of his cast in 2 weeks - Dammit. According to Hoke, Odoms was catching the ball fine with his cast on. If we leave the cast on can Odoms use it as a club? Please. I love watching him block guys twice his size and throw them to the ground. With the cast he could start clubbing them over the head. Make this happen. Robo-Odoms. He can rebuild him. We have the technology.

Here's The Averageball: A Correction - Brian goes back to the math well for and S&P level correction of his findings a couple of days ago. However, unlike S&P, Brian admits the flaw in his methodology and posts a correction. The key stat here, for all you people petrified that Hoke will get away from running the ball in favor of some pass happy 2010 Texas style offense, is that in 2008 and 2010 hoke ran the ball 55% and 54% of the time on first down (which was the national average in college football during those years). Moral of the story, as MGo points out, this offense will not significantly go away from the run on first downs and will use the running game and Denard to establish the pass. So woo.

2011 Football Preview: Position Threat Levels – Severe - Want to know what position groups should make you cringe the most this season? Ace has your answer!

Big Ten rankings: No. 12, David Molk - Big Ten Blog - Nice position for Molk on this list. Obviously Denard Robinson will show up near the top, if not on the top, but I do have to wonder where Mike Martin is. Ask any of the players and coaches where Martin would rank if he'd played on a defense with any concept of coaching? Ask them where he'd go in the draft if effing GERG hadn't shown up and ruined the defense behind him. I think people are going to wet themselves when they finally see how good Martin is in a real defense.

Brady Hoke wants to 'hear' football at practices - Wants it turned up to 11.

Al Borges is looking for Michigan's go-to back - Also looking for the Cone Corral.

Keep Denard Robinson 'in one piece,' and the Michigan offense is in great shape, Al Borges says - yes plz.

Other Stuff You Should Read

"Frozen Diamond Faceoff" outdoor game finally to be announced - Jason at MHN on the next "outdoor" hockey game in Cleveland. Cleveland. We have to go to Cleveland to watch a hockey game. Goddammit that sucks.

One Finger Salute to the Big Ten - Greg re-tells the story of how Michigan got screwed out of the Rose Bowl in 1973.

Jim Tressel, Ohio State officials talk to NCAA infractions committee today - "Coach, please take this buy-out, resignation-turned-retirement, and our eternal gratitude for falling on your sword in a dignified way."

Records show Jim Tressel made $21.7 million while at Ohio State - Tattoos and free cars not included. (HT: My wife)

Michigan-Ohio State hoops gets ESPN GameDay - ESPN College Basketball GameDay will make its first-ever appearance in Ann Arbor on Feb. 18 at 9 p.m., when the Wolverines take on the Buckeyes at Crisler Arena in the Big Ten matchup, the network announced Thursday.

MZone: We're looking for a few good bloggers! - Hey! It's not just ME!