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Revisiting Past Pain: Michigan to Play Appalachian State in 2014




This makes as much sense as returning to the back stage dressing room where the actor playing Mr. Mistoffelees touched you inappropriately twenty years ago, just to see if the room's still there. It's still there. It happened. Oh God, the memories. Why in God's name did you go back there again?

No? Just me? Moving on.

In life there are bad things that happen to you, you deal with them, you move on, you try to bury them deep inside the innermost parts of your soul and pretend they didn't happen. The time you had your shorts pulled down during the middle school talent show. Crushed with your mind vice. The time you had to go to the bathroom so bad that you didn't even look at the sign and were already half out of your pants before you realized it was a women's restroom and now you're on the sex offender list. Buried deep. The time you lost to Appalachian State? It never happened. Denial. Yeah.... I'm doing just fine.... nothing wrong with me.... Oh God the pain....

Maybe 2014 will be our vengeance year. We'll schedule nothing but schools we've lost to in horrifying, soul crushing fashion. I can see it now... App State, Oregon, Toledo, Mississippi State as a non-conference slate. Maybe we can right all those wrongs. Yeah. If we beat them then the losses never happened. Yeah. That's how it works. VENGEANCE!



The pain....

Play App State again? Sure. Really. This is a great idea....

I'm going to go put my head in the oven.