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In Which We Talk Beer: Crowdsourcing

Greetings, friends, Rebels, rivals, and Michigan Faithful (and beer lovers!)

I've been getting a lot of emails and comments lately about beers - recommendations, suggestions for future MnB posts, criticisms of reviews, and recommendations for weekly posts/breweries to try.  So, I thought I'd just make this an open note - post on the thread or email me if you'd like any beer questions answered.  I'd be happy to poll the rest of the MnB staff, because we're all beer lovers.  My taste isn't exactly discriminating, but I tend to go out and find one or two good craft beers a week to try, so if you have any recommendations for me to try/post about, I'd be more than happy to go out and get 'em.

I love having roughly $20 a week in "supplemental beer" income.  Try it.

Anyway, email me at MnBRememberBo (at) gmail (dot) com or post in the comments.  I'll try to get back to as many as I can during the course of the season, probably posting on a Sunday or a Monday.  We've had more commenters and more dedicated readers than I can ever remember, so let's make this a solid group effort and talk beer.

And to those of you not in the Ann Arbor area, I'd love some recommendations/questions/etc.  Red Cup Rebellion, the fantastic Mississippi SBN blog and good friends of us at MnB (see: Miss State, hating) is a great source for your less-crafty beer inklings, as are the boys in green up at TOC.


PS: No Domers on this one.  I don't like having people talk about Guinness incessantly.  Go over to MGo.