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Tuesday Happy Hour Opens Fall Practice

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Basketball coaches motivated by what's best for Michigan - I know it's football season but, holy crap, a detailed Q&A with basketball head coach John Beilein and his staff. This is a must read for every Michigan Basketball fan.

Pumped-up Michigan fans should first take a reality check - Reality? Reality sucks. I insist on living in a world where unicorns fart rainbows, Hoke never misses out on a high profile recruit, and the Wolverines are undefeated going into the season. Reality is for suckers.

Fall Camp 2011: Day One Presser Notes - MGoBlog wraps up the first day of reporting and practice. There are no real injuries on the team. Troy Woolfolk and JT Floyd are full-strength, Darryl Stonum will be able to practice with the team as he redshirts.

Notebook: Will Campbell reports in excellent shape - The Wolverine reports that Junior defensive tackle Will Campbell was among those praised today for his summer workouts.

Paterno hospitalized after weekend practice collision, but insists he’s OK, folks - Joe Pa cracks his pelvis and shoulder in the first practice of the fall. Get better Joe. 

Decision Making - The Hoover Street Rag on the Stonum suspension. Great stuff from Craig. 

Michigan Football

2011 Countdown: #23 Jibreel Black - Touch the Banner continues it's 2011 countdown and reaches our gifted sophomore DE.

Five Questions to Answer as Michigan Opens Fall Practice - The Wolverine Blog celebrates the opening of fall practice with a slew of questions.

Brady Hoke mum on decision to redshirt Darryl Stonum - Stonum, who pleaded guilty last month to the second DUI charge of his career — the first was during his freshman season in 2008 — will practice with the team this year, Hoke said Monday after the first preseason practice.

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Brady Hoke's Wolverines focus on bulking up, slimming down - Everyone's reporting! Fluuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffff!

Stonum, Hagerup Suspension Release - Greg on the Stonum red-shirt.

25 Things We Love About Michigan Football Saturdays - Yost starts MZone's countdown to football season with a look at State Street.

Brady Hoke opens Michigan football practice: 'A ton of things we need to do' - Fun Quote:
"There’s less yelling," center David Molk said. "Coach Rod was a big yeller. I mean, it’s nothing against him, great guy, but he liked to yell."

Michigan athletic department 'garage sale' precedes football Fan Day - Pants party! Well, lots of pants for sale. And other stuff.

The Sharps Don’t think Michigan is so Keen - Vegas is not a Michigan fan this season.

Other Stuff

Coach’s Corner: Coaching - Go Blue Michigan Wolverine is running a series on being a football coach. Interesting read.

Mets Maize: - Our friends at Mets Maize are becoming the Maize Pages. Good luck guys.

Tattoo Watch: Now Jerel Worthy’s hatred of Michigan is forever - Yeah. This is a good idea.