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Every Snap From Michigan's 28-7 Win Over San Diego State

Our buddies at MGoVideo, where you should go, right now, have put up every snap from this past weekend's win over San Diego State. They rock. Go tell them so.

First up is every snap from the Defense. Watch the constantly shifting line play and the misdirection that the supposed blitzers give Ryan Lindely. You'll see a number of players (sometimes six or seven on the line) and then have as many as have of them drop into coverage. It's really cool to see. You'll see Kovacs sprint up to the line, then drop out into the flats. Or Jake Ryan simulate the rush to the point of contact and then drop back into a zone. It's really cool stuff. The difference between this and last season is night and day. Also, pay attention to the coverage that J.T. Floyd and Troy Woolfork give their receivers versus Avery and Countess. Especially Avery. He looks really comfortable in close Bump and Run, and Mattison seems to enjoy using it. The Donkey Kong music is a plus.

Next up is every snap from the offense. Pay attention to the routes being run by the receivers. To be honest, they don't look that good to me, but that may be because we're not getting the 1,000 foot view. Also pay some attention to the offensive line play. You'll note they were having all kinds of trouble opening gaps against Eastern but seemed to really get it together on Saturday. Lastly, watch Denard Robinson on his throws. I've seen a lot of people suggest that Borges needs to give him some easy throws to get him in rhythm. Two of his first three throws were short passes (one tailback screen and one tunnel screen sandwiching a deep ball that he threw into double coverage [Bad Read]). Then there were two more short passes sandwiching a crossing pattern by Roy Roundtree. I'm not sure how much easier Borges can make those first throws. Here's hoping the second half was just a bad dream in terms of the passing game. He was actually pretty accurate in the first half.