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Maize n Brew's BlogPoll Ballot - Week Seven

Just when I think I have this whole thing figured out, West Virginia and Texas have to go out and get pummeled causing me to have to reevaluate everything. My conclusion now? The top eight or so are set, and whole the hell knows after that.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images


- Alabama stays at the top because week in and week out no team makes it look easier than the Tide. The next month of the season should paint a better picture of just how dominant the Tide are this year, but I suspect we already know the answer (very).

- Florida hops to second place because that LSU win looks even better now that the Tigers beat South Carolina. Oregon's schedule doesn't get very formidable until November -- when the Ducks have to take on Stanford, USC, and Oregon State in three of four weeks -- and therefore the potential is there for teams to jump ahead in the next couple weeks.

- Strike against Ohio State and Notre Dame? Most of both's signature wins have been against Big Ten teams that we are reevaluating our opinion of (Michigan State, Purdue).

- The middle of the poll is just a mess. After Oklahoma at number eight to Georgia at 17 there are a bunch of either A) one-loss teams with good wins but disappointing losses or B) undefeated teams that haven't played anyone. It is a crap shoot.

- I don't care that the Big East teams are all undefeated. They've only played other Big East teams and cupcakes. Need more evidence.

- Michigan at 22 is a bit of a homer pick, but the last two wins were just how a 20-ish team is supposed to take care of business against bad conference foes, and the losses look a little more understandable as Bama and ND continue to roll.