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Halftime Analysis: Michigan 6 - Michigan State 0

So far it has been all defense in Ann Arbor as Michigan has eeked out a six-point lead thanks to two sustained drives.

Leon Halip

No surprise in this one: it is a defensive slugfest that has seen neither team do much of anything when holding the ball. Michigan has one 77-yard drive and two 39-yard drives to go with two more three-and-outs. Michigan State has a 54-yard drive and a 42-yard drive. Both teams look bad in the yards per play metric. Michigan has a meh 5.8 ypp, while Michigan State only has 4.2.

Hooray defense. Bullets:

- Robinson has been bottled up on the ground but has had time to throw the ball which has been the impetus for Michigan's offensive momentum. He is 8/13 for 108 yards with his interception coming on a hail mary attempt.

- His favorite receiver has, surprisingly, been Drew Dileo. The diminuative slot receiver has three very big plays to keep Michigan's offense going, and 72 total yards.

- Jeremy Gallon has only two touches thus far, but did take a punt back to midfield just before halftime. Needs moar.

- Michigan State's offense has been as woeful as expected. The longest drive of 54 yards was thanks to a 45-yard catch by Bennie Fowler on a jump ball over the middle. However, Maxwell has hit some short passes to keep things moving. He has completed 10 of 16 so far.

- LeVeon Bell has been swallowed up completely. His long run? Eight yards. If Michigan can keep this up it'll go a long way toward keeping this lead in tact.

- Michigan State has continually picked on JT Floyd in pass coverage, but he has made plays (and gotten a little lucky). Odds are they keep trying to exploit him, since this is clearly built into the gameplan (although, for the record, it has been Burbridge that they have thrown to against him, so it might just be Roushar throwing to his only viable receiving option.

- Jake MF Ryan. That is all.

The second half is about to start. Let's go blue.