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Maize n Brew's BlogPoll Week Eight Ballot: Bill Snyder Eats Souls

There is a new team at the top (for now) and Michigan climbs up a bit higher thanks in part to A) not losing and B) a few other teams not being able to complete step A. College Football, baby.

Chris Trotman


- Florida takes over the top spot because the Gators just have a better resume at this point. Bama has been nothing but dominant, but at some point you have to reward the Gators for SEC wins over USC, LSU, TAMU, and Tenn. Besides, Alabama has the next two weeks to reclaim its unquestioned death grip on the top spot.

- And really, isn't Alabama's brilliance just getting boring at this point? We get it guys, you're really good. Just keep someone in it for like a half or something. Geez.

- I feel like I should move Kansas State higher, but Oregon is still Oregon and makin' fools look, um, foolish on a weekly basis. Also, yes LSU is back in the top five mostly because Notre Dame decided to make it a game vs. BYU. But back to Kansas State: this could well be a top three team soon. The Wildcats don't really play anyone that is a real threat, but all five opponents have some cachet left. Bill Snyder, man. I just don't know how the hell he does it.

- At some point, Ohio State playing in the Big Ten (and therefore playing a garbage ass schedule when you also include a non-con featuring such dignitaries as UCF, Cal, and UAB.

- Mississippi State may be undefeated, but I refuse to bump the Bulldogs into the top ten until they play someone decent. Oh, look who is coming to town, right no cue.

- Is this too high for Texas Tech? Probably, but it would be too high for Clemson (who care you beat VT, this isn't the last ten years), Georgia (best win: Tennessee by 7?), or (insert untested Big East team).

- A trip of Big Ten teams hang around the 20ish range because eventually the rest of the country has to catch up when it comes to shitty, shameful losses.

- Boise State in the polls this year feels like Jack Nicklaus at the Masters in the late 90s.