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Monday Recruiting Roundup Yells STEAK SAUCE And Explains

Who visited for the State game and committed? Who could replace David Dawson on the 2013 commitment list? That and more in this week's MRR.

Leon Halip

High School Football Continues

Players that stood out, both good and bad:

Shane Morris - He was only 5-of-14 for 138 yards in his game against Chandler Park, the home of Michigan commit Csont'e York. One of those passes did go for a touchdown, helping DLS get to a 44-6 win. I might be in the minority, but I hope that Morris gets redshirted next year. He needs it.

Dymonte Thomas - He scored on a 13-yard run in the first half before exiting with an ankle injury. He may have been able to come back into the game but the coach decided to sit him, probably because they were being crushed and it wasn't worth the risk of further injury.

Gareon Conley - He only had two catches for 61 yards, but what really sticks out to me is where he plays on his team. I rarely see any defensive statistics reported on Conley, and his YPC as a receiver is very high. I'm not sure why there have been rumors of him wavering in his commitment but maybe it's because he'd rather play receiver (don't take this as gospel and start your house on fire, it's just a thought). Also, Ohio State just offered Conley. Whether or not this will have an impact on his commitment is unknown.

DeVeon Smith - Everyone in the Michigan fan base is so focused on Derrick Green's recruitment that they forget about this kid, who happens to be one of the best power backs in the 2013 class. Quotes from he and his coach:

Howland coach Dick Angle said it best when he described what allowed his squad to overcome a mediocre first half against Canfield, "We had No. 4 [De'Veon Smith] on our team."

Smith, who entered the contest needing 156 rushing yards to become Trumbull County's all-time leader, raced to 267 yards on 26 carries and scored three touchdowns to help Howland (7-2) post a 31-17 victory against Canfield (2-7).

"I owe it to my offensive line and the wide receivers for blocking downfield for me," said Smith, who passed Jimmy Rasey of Champion and Southington, who rushed for 6,335 yards. "Those big runs don't happen without my teammates selling out and blocking for me.

He's a beast, so if Michigan can't land Green I wouldn't worry much.

Ross Douglas - He's going to be a nickel back at Michigan, but that didn't stop him from trying to outdo Smith in the rushing category. Via

After it was all said and done, it was just simply a case of too much Ross Douglas for the Rocky River defense.

The Eagle senior running back scored five touchdowns on runs of 5, 4, 58, 64 and 1 yard en route to a rushing total of 214 yards on 22 carries.

MSU Visitors Impressed

This is by far the biggest recruiting weekend of the season for the Wolverines, and they didn't disappoint. The list included players like Derrick Green, Mason Cole, Montae Nicholson, Damon Webb and Denzel Ward. Tremendous has reactions from many of the players that they had on their list of visitors.

How did it go for Green? Well, here was his response to Mike Farrell of Rivals:

Who would later go on to say:

And this morning Green himself tweeted this:

That #A1 hash tag? Let me explain. A1, as we all know, is an absolutely outstanding steak sauce. Steak sauce, as demonstrated in this clip from the popular CBS series How I Met Your Mother, is awesome:

Hoke... That. Visit. Was. STEAK. SAUCE!

It seems as if Michigan is in good position, unless I'm completely off with my A1 analysis. It doesn't hurt that Auburn and Tennessee are spiraling in a downward direction, or that Oregon runs an offense that's anything but pro.

You may be wondering why you didn't see Laquon Treadwell on that short list. Well, Treadwell didn't make it out to Ann Arbor. Once again, no setting your house on fire. Yet.

A Massive New Commitment

You may or may not have recognized the name Denzel Ward on that list. He's a 6'9"(!!!) offensive tackle out of Chicago who is extremely raw, having only played one year of organized foozball. According to Rivals he weighs 285 pounds, which would normally put him under the "wide" category, but he's 6'9"! There is little to no scouting or film available on Ward, but as of now we know that he's tall and has huge potential. He's unranked right now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up as a 4-star recruit when all is said and done, if not a 3-star due to his raw state (keep in mind that Rivals and ESPN haven't even released any 2014 rankings yet).

General Notes

Class of 2013 4-star linebacker commitment Mike McCray II received his honorary Under Armour jersey this past week. He and teammate Cam Burrows, an OSU commitment, made a bet on the rivalry game:

If the Wolverines win, Burrows, the first commitment of the Buckeyes' 2013 class, will have to wear a Michigan shirt.

"I'll probably buy one that makes fun of Ohio State," said McCray, who added he had to convince a "scared" Burrows to accept the deal.

Burrows is not too worried, though.

Ohio State is undefeated and has won eight of the last 11 games against Michigan (the 2010 win was vacated).

"I'm pretty confident he's gonna be wearing the scarlet and gray," Burrows said.

I think McCray wins the bet, but I'm not exactly impartial.

Finally, make sure to check out DGDestroy's piece on who could potentially replace David Dawson. It's worth your time.