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MnB's Week Nine BlogPoll Ballot: The Leader, The Top Four, and Everybody Else

Once again it is Alabama's top spot to lose as the rest of the poll sees a shakeup after a few highly ranked teams go down.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE


- Alabama makes it back to the top spot because that is exactly the way you're supposed to handle it when a top 15 opponent comes to town and Nick Saban will say thanks but no thanks now that everyone has slipped Bama back to number one. Saban remembers your insolence.

- Kansas State de-pants'd Texas Tech in a methodical march of destruction. Colin Klein saw TTU had those touchdowns. Klein wanted those touchdowns, so he took them. He wants the Heisman too. Pretty soon he is just going to walk into the Downtown Athletic Club and take that, too.

- Notre Dame Notre Dame'd its way into another impressive win, and now that the Irish have another scalp that is free of all that Big Ten stink it is time to swallow hard and start to contemplate the unthinkable: if USC can't beat the Irish in a month, we might see Notre Dame play for a national title.

- Sorry Oregon, the right answer was "score 140 on Colorado in the first half then have Marcus Mariota skin and process a freshly killed buffalo at midfield in the second half without wasting anything".

- Florida doesn't drop far because Georgia -- while being overrated by most -- is still a solid team. The drop also pulls LSU down since I didn't feel comfortable ranking LSU in front of Florida based on A) UF having the better resume and B) UF having won head to head. OSU and FSU use solid wins to again move closer to the top five.

- To be totally honest, everything out of the top ten is pretty much a toss up. I mean, if you gave me 100 dollars to bet on the hypothetical matchup of Louisville and Stanford, Georgia and Clemson, or Oregon State and Texas A&M I don't know if I make any money off those bets. There just isn't enough to differentiate a lot of good, but flawed teams with at least one resume black eye and one impressive win.