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Gardner for President!

Roundtree for Vice President! Gallon for Chief of Punt Returns!

USPresswire-Rick Osentoski

What a game.

Michigan looked to be out of it late after a Devin Gardner interception gave Northwestern the ball back with the lead and a few minutes to play in regulation, but a stop by Michigan's defense led to a punt -- and good punt return from Jeremy Gallon -- and set up a heave from Gardner to Roundtree that left Michigan in the shadow of Northwestern's endzone with only eight seconds left. A Brendan Gibbons field goal put the game into overtime, and It was all Michigan from there.

Gardner hit Roundtree again in overtime to put the ball inside the ten, and a few plays later Gardner took a third-down bootleg around the right side for a touchdown and the go ahead score.

Michigan finished with a defensive stand and a big fourth down stop to finish the game.

Today it was all about Devin Gardner. The defense was hit or miss for most of the afternoon, but Gardner continually found ways to come up with big plays at the right time -- many of them to Roundtree or Gallon -- and he finished the game completing 16/29 for 286 yards 2 touchdowns and an interception, while running for 47 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

So celebrate, the hopes of a Legends division title are still slim but alive (go Penn State!).

More from Anthony after the presser.