Is Nebraska Poised to Become the Worst B1G Champ Ever?

We all know Nebraska is a mediocre (flirting with terrible) team. They lost to UCLA. They got curbstomped by O$U. They have relied on poor officiating, lucky breaks, and fluke injuries to opponent's key players. They are seldom able to win away from Lincoln. Their coach looks like an orc.

We (meaning everyone outside the state) know that Nebraska is a fraud. But I started thinking historically...has there ever been a Big Ten champ that has been this terrible? Penn State and Ohio State are both ineligible and Michigan does not have Denard...perhaps this (plus ridiculous help from the refs) is the only way Nebraska can compete with schools that boast better recruiting, coaching, and preparation.

So I'd like to hear from those a bit more well-versed in history than myself. Has there ever been a worse B1G champ than this outfit?

Also I know that Nebraska has not won the B1G championship but I'm not holding my breath for Iowa or Minnesota.

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