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Iowa Press Conference Bullets

A summary of what Brady Hoke and his players had to say following the contest against Iowa.

Gregory Shamus

Bullets summarizing what everyone had to say to the media following the Iowa contest. The players and coaches are presented in the order that they came out to speak.

Denard Robinson

  • It means a lot to be a leader at UM. Hard to swallow the fact that playing it's his last time playing in Michigan Stadium.
  • Been going through a lot of treatment for the injury in past weeks.
  • If you know m you know I'll do whatever it takes for this team.
  • Arms feels good, threw the ball in warmups. "You'll see next week."
  • Thought of all of the team memories and the ups and downs of his career as he entered the stadium.
  • When you're having fun times moves fast. Had fun playing football and career went by quickly.
  • Devin's playing well and the team believes in him. We're 100% behind him.
  • Ohio State is going to be a great, physical game.
  • Fitzgerald Toussaint is my brother and it's sad to see him down. We know he'll be back.
  • Missed 3 games in entire life so sitting on the sidelines has been tough.
  • Didn't think he'd have so much success at Michigan. Thanks God for the blessing to be at Michigan and start for three years.
  • Odd being in the huddle without calling the plays.
  • Wants to say thank you to all of the fans out there who come to support them. He loves the fans for what they do.

Coach Hoke

  • Good game. "Good football win."
  • Great game for seniors who've been through so much in the past 4 to 5 years.
  • Always difficult to see the seniors go. It's bittersweet because the coaches see the players as sons. I'm a very emotional man.
  • Fitz is in the hospital and going to have surgery. Wants to make sure his mother is contacted before saying anything else.
  • Still in the B1G championship race so we've focused on Iowa and Iowa only until Sunday.
  • Denard has shown great leadership in the past three weeks through injury.
  • A phone went off in the press room and its ringtone was The Victors. Hoke said "that's a good song" and everyone laughed.
  • When asked about Devin's 6 TD performance, "Devin had 6 TDs?!"
  • When asked about Denard's injury status: "He might be day to day" (smiling)
  • On coaching in Ohio against OSU: "It's going to be fun. It's a great rivalry."
  • Play action set up the deep balls. Gallon made an outstanding catch on one.
  • Roy is catching better with his hands now than before. He used to catch with his body too often.
  • When you show a formation like the full house, even if it's for 3 plays, you force the next opponent to spend time practicing against it. You don't have a lot of practice time.

Jordan Kovacs

  • Reflected on the journey he and Denard had gone through after the game with Denard. They both know OSU is coming up and they're excited.
  • Senior day was bittersweet. Been quite the journey, but it's not over yet.
  • Denard is an even better person off the field.

Kenny Demens

  • Kept to the gameplan after the early defensive struggles: stop the run and with third downs.
  • It means a lot to go undefeated at home in two years. Didn't want to leave the stadium after the game.
  • Works with young LBs a lot. They're quick learners, and they're going to be great.
  • Normally the first man up the tunnel following games but was probably the last one in this week.

Devin Gardner

  • Receivers caught tough passes all game.
  • Knew the offense would work well against Iowa because it was working well against the defense throughout the week in practice. If our D can't stop it I know they can't stop it.
  • Denard is my brother so seeing him back in the game was great.
  • Prayed for Fitz as soon as he went down because he knew he was hurt.
  • Threw a pick to a cover-2 corner that he should have seen.
  • Thankful that he's taken advantage of the opportunity presented to him.

Roy Roundtree

  • Devin was seeing the throws come open.
  • Got "chill bumps" coming up the tunnel for the last time.
  • Totally focused on OSU this week. With thanksgiving break approaching they'll be in the film room even more.
  • Receivers did a great job of making plays when they had to.
  • Guys that stuck it out at Michigan have really become Michigan men.
  • Hoke tells us "don't let anyone come to your house and take over."