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What To Take From The Iowa Game

The Wolverines walked all over the Hawkeyes on senior day in Michigan Stadium. What does it mean?

Gregory Shamus

The Bad

The RB stable has been cut in half

Fitgerald Toussaint's injury was bad, man. The running game was struggling even when he was healthy, but he still brought more big play ability than Thomas Rawls. Michigan is now down to one running back who's a true first and second down type of back, and running out of the shotgun takes a major hit. This puts a bit more on Gardner's plate.

Denard Robinson might not ever start again

He ran the ball quite a few times against Iowa, but he winced several times as well. I doubt he starts against Ohio State with the way Gardner is playing, and there's no guarantee that he's 100% by the time the bowl game comes around. Even if he's back to normal by January he'll probably be splitting time beside Gardner, who's impressing Wolverine fans and coaches. It's hard to call right now, but the Denard Robinson era may have ended a bit prematurely.

The Good

Devin Gardner is putting up Denard Robinson numbers

When asked about Devin Gardner's performance, Brady Hoke responded with "He had six touchdowns?!" Yes, Brady, he had six touchdowns, tying Denard Robinson's career high in only his third start as a Wolverine. Gardner ran the ball well, remained accurate on comeback and out routes, and delivered a few more beautiful balls down the field as well. He also took care of the ball for the majority of the game, only throwing a junk pick late in the game when the contest was already in Michigan's hands. Gorgeous Al Borgeous is going to have all sorts of fun in 2013 drawing up plays for Gardner, who fits his style of play calling much better than Denard Robinson.