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Thursday Happy Hour is Getting Back to the Good Life

The blogging life.

Zack Novak discusses his role in bringing Mitch McGary to the Michigan basketball program - Yet another thing to thank Zack Novak for.

Clinic Items: Greg Mattison | mgoblog - In this long hiatus from football there is nothing better to do than spend massive amounts of time trying to better understand the game. Who better to learn from than Greg freakin' Mattison. Read this, it is stellar.

Michigan Museday in Doctor Rocklove | mgoblog - More MGoBlog, more schematics. This time a breakdown of the most basic offensive philosophies. As someone who has gotten into a few shouting matches in his life over a misuse of the term "spread offense" I heartily endorse this.

‘Friday Night Lights’ movie could feature a Mike Leach plot line | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports - Mike Leach? Friday Night Lights? Say no more, I'm in.

Touch the Banner: Class of 2013 Wish List: Offense - Our old friend Magnus teams up with Tremendous to build the perfect 2013 recruiting class. Yes please.

Video Tour: Inside Michigan’s Player Development Center — - Check out the Bball team's sweet new digs.

What Can Returning Starter Data Predict About Season Momentum? - - Read everything you can by Bill Connelly and thank me later.

FULMER CUPDATE: TCU SPECIAL EDITION - Every Day Should Be Saturday - So here is hoping I never have to link to the Fulmer Cupdate because Michigan is in the running. This year looks like TCU is aiming to be the next Auburn.

Auburn-Georgia, Alabama-Tennessee, And Antebellum Yeoman Farmers - SB Nation Atlanta - Braves and Birds on preserving storied rivalries over blatant cash grabs. Hopefully not relevant to the Big Ten anytime soon.

/crosses fingers

Derek Dooley blasts SEC’s new over-signing rules | AJC College Sports Recruiting - Dooley went on to campaign against women's suffrage and child labor laws. You know, for their own good.

Bill Belichick, Vince Wilfork, and the New England Patriots defense - Grantland - This is a couple weeks old, but totally worth the read if you like to geek out on football strategy like me.

Visiting the previously undefeated Murray State Racers basketball team - Grantland - Charles P. Pierce on what it is like to be 24-1.