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Game Thread: Michigan at Northwestern

It's make or break time for both teams. Are the Wolverines serious about a regular season title run? Can Northwestern take its season off life support? The action tips at 8:00 pm ET on Big Ten Network. We implore you to join us for the insanity.

And now, here are five extremely important facts about Northwestern senior John Shurna:

1.) He enjoys re-reading Harry Potter books. "You find something new every time," he says.

2.) He chose Northwestern over Washington State, Loyola, Green Bay, Davidson, and Penn. None of the six aforementioned schools have been to an NCAA Tournament during Shurna's career.

3.) He won a dunk contest at an Illinois state tournament back in his prep days. For reference, this is what is looks like when Shurna throws down.

4.) He calls a mission trip he went on in 2006 to Alabama and Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina "an eye opening experience."

5.) Former teammate Michael 'Juice' Thompson on Shurna's shooting motion: "It's more like a push-shot. It starts low, and he kind of pushes it like he was 7 or 8 years old. It's kind of weird."