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Wednesday Happy Hour is Relieved

Michigan pushin' its way toward a Big Ten title. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Giglio-US PRESSWIRE
Michigan pushin' its way toward a Big Ten title. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Giglio-US PRESSWIRE

Michigan faced arguably its toughest remaining test of the regular season and once again played an overtime game against the pesky Northwestern Wildcats. Thankfully, overtime was all Michigan, and so the quest for a Big Ten regular season title continues.

Michigan basketball team takes 38 3-pointers, tops Northwestern in OT, 67-55

"We missed enough to where they stayed in the zone," Michigan senior guard Stu Douglass said of the team's 3-point barrage. "But we were getting looks, and we didn't change anything.

Michigan hasn't thrown up a lot of threes recently, but the Northwestern 1-3-1 pushed the Wolverines outside and a barrage of three's followed. Michigan was able to convert 14.

Touch the Banner: Wolverines in the NFL: Pre-Combine Reports - TTB on some of this year's seniors as they prepare for the NFL combine. See Mike Martin. See Mike Martin move a lot of weight around.

Tremendous: Coach Hoke at the Glazier Clinic - One of the guys from Tremendous took in a coaching clinic where Brady Hoke was presenting. More impressive stuff from Tremendous --- an absolute must read blog.

Urban Meyer’s 2012 Ohio High Schools Coaches Clinic Lecture | Smart Football - Speaking of coaching clinics. Smart Football links this video of Urban Meyer speaking at an Ohio clinic. Know thy enemy.

A Sensible College Football Playoff Plan Version 2.0 | The Big Lead - Ty Duffy amends his playoff plan to account for new developments in college football. Probably the best playoff plan I have read.

Holdin' The Rope: Miscellaneous Minutiae, 2/21/2011 - Holdin' The Rope takes on some of the news and opinion from the last week or so.

Ohio State's Scholarship Sign: Fiction | mgoblog

Meanwhile Mark Huyge can make, like, boats and stuff. There's always a tiny number of football players who are superfreak enough to put 40 hours a week into an "extracurricular activity" and still get a serious degree, but they are few, especially at a place like Michigan that won't even admit you to the B-school until you've scored a 3.8+ in your fist two years.

MGoBlog fisks the infamous OSU vs. TSUN major comparison sign. Guess who is enrolled in all the tough programs at OSU. I'll give you a hint, it is a bunch of guys who are there for school first and football second.

The Tree of Knowledge | Eleven Warriors

Any perceived or hiring advantage of a General Studies degree from Michigan over a Family Resource Management degree (that's Home Ec, right?) from Ohio State is mitigated right around the time the probationary period begins at one's first job: That's when everyone forgets where you attended school and the focus shifts to your contribution to, ultimately, shareholder wealth or organizational goals. Both degrees are uncapped in terms of potential earnings and future failure.

For the last word on the OSU/UM degree program dustup we go to Ramzy of Eleven Warriors who astutely points out that it doesn't matter what your degree is in in the long run. Nobody cares once you're in the real world.

46 Things to Read and See for David Foster Wallace's 50th Birthday | The Awl - Yesterday would have been David Foster Wallace's 50th birthday. If you a fan of Wallace --- and I for one am --- this list is well worth the read.