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Thursday Happy Hour is So Over Minnesota, Man.

You'd look like this too if your team fell apart in the final few minutes.  Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE
You'd look like this too if your team fell apart in the final few minutes. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

BriefCap: Michigan State 66, Minnesota 61: Yakkety Sax'd - The Only Colors - TOC put it best. Those last few minutes were pure collapse. Ramsy of 11Warriors outlined Minneosta's last eight possessions:

Minnesota's last eight possessions: turnover, turnover, turnover, (loses lead) foul, airball, foul, WOO THREE POINTER yeah too late

So yeah, thanks for nothing Tubby.

Hello: Jaron Dukes | mgoblog, Touch the Banner: Jaron Dukes, Wolverine - MGo and TTB, respectively, on the newest member of the Wolverines, Jaron Dukes. More from the MnB end in the coming days.

Underdogs forever: Zack Novak, Stu Douglass at core of Michigan basketball resurgence - More Novak, Douglass love.

Faster Than Jesse Owens (1935) | | Michigan Football Blog - MVictors on yet another interestin piece of Michigan history.

Coaching Clinic Notes: Brady Hoke | mgoblog

What Funk shares with the other guys is an arcane language that's half signing, half jargon, half grunting, and I know that adds up to more than 100%. Jets consultant Jim McNally spent an hour talking about where a center's first step should be against a one-technique. He'd put his foot somewhere, say that was horseshit, put his foot somewhere else that you could just perceive was different, and tell you that this would prevent the motherfucker lined up across from you from putting you in a world of shit as long as you did six dozen other things right. But then some other motherfucker would put you in a world of shit some other way so you had to STEP [GRUNT] in this other particular way. A ballet eventually emerged in this quarter-full room as McNally scribbled his hieroglyphics on an overhead projector: step, grunt, swear. Step, grunt, swear. And so on.

So… yeah. Offensive line coaches.

More coaching clinic notes. If you aren't reading these, you aren't livin', man.

Dillan Lawsom commits to Florida, but professes love for Alabama | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports - Wait, so he committed to Alabama? He is just trolling Florida? I don't get it.

30 BCS schools vote against scholarship proposal - - Coincidence that the "Crack Baby Basketball Association" episode of Southpark was on last night? I think not.

Greg Davis To Iowa Is Apparently A Go. This Is Not A Drill - Black Heart Gold Pants - Grab some popcorn as Iowa fans looking for a new direction on offense go through the five stages of grief.

Bruce Weber and the Inevitable - BT Powerhouse - Welcome to the Bruce Weber death march.

Imagine Georgia Fans Celebrating An SEC Title At The Swamp - SB Nation Atlanta - Imagine conference championship games played at campus sites. I could get on board with this idea for the Big Ten.