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Friday Happy Hour is Getting Emotional Thinking About Senior Night

Douglass, Novak set to take Crisler court for final time of career against Purdue - The Michigan Daily - The Daily takes a look at Michigan's pair of overachieving senior guards.

The top 5 Zack Novak and Stu Douglass moments you'll remember - looks at the best moments in the four years of Douglass/Novak. If you don't get excited reading about Novak going HAM in East Lansing last year, they you aren't alive, man.

Touch the Banner: Where are the 2012 Big Ten recruits from? - TTB breaks down where Big Ten schools got their recruits in 2012. Things of note: MSU's "national" recruiting, Nebraska reach to the southwest and west coast, OSU's big Ohio haul, and Northwestern pulling more kids from Pennsylvania than its home state of Illinois.

Trending: A look at Michigan’s conference progression — - More Bball. Learn to love the advanced stats.

Michigan, Ohio State appear set to dominate Big Ten like old days | The Detroit News |

"It's the one I'm watching the most now, Michigan-Ohio State," said Mike Farrell, national recruiting analyst for Rivals.-com. "By the end of the year it could be something different — it's usually in the SEC. But this is the first time in a long time the Big Ten has captivated my interest. They're definitely the top two (in the Big Ten), and then there's a huge drop-off. Ohio State has had a really good start to their class, and Michigan is just killing it."

State of the B1G 2012: National Competitiveness Part II - The Fans in the Stands - Off Tackle Empire - Looking at fan support, TV numbers, and money.

IOWA 67, WISCONSIN 66: GATER EATS BADGER - Black Heart Gold Pants - Welcome to the club, Wisconsin.

The Starcat Wades Into College Athletics | Eleven Warriors - The Starcat is wise beyond her years.