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Wednesday Happy Hour is Staying on Molk's Good Side

Gratuitous Izzo sad-face shot..  Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE
Gratuitous Izzo sad-face shot.. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

First, let's all give a hearty "thank you" to the Indiana Hoosiers, who kept Michigan's slim hope of a shared conference title alive with a big home win over MIchigan State last night. Tomorrow's game against Illinois is huge, but you already knew that.

Michigan's David Molk believes he is draft's top center, blasts critics who say otherwise

"The fact that I wasn’t a ... consensus All-American pisses me off," he said. "Well, maybe (the coaches) should have checked in to who was All-Big Ten and the lineman of the year in the ... Big Ten before they did some stupid (crap) like that. Its just, stuff like that pisses me off."

Reason number #5283 I am going to miss the Michigan football class of 2011: David Molk's perpetually salty attitude.

John Beilein makes adjustments for Michigan Wolverines - Rothstein on Beilein's increased reliance on the point guard in offensive sets. Not a hard change to call for when Darius Morris and Trey Burke are the point guards in question.

Courtney Avery Bridges Past and Present - Avery has a deeper connection to the Michigan football program than he knew before he committed.

Michigan Museday in Rock, Paper, Scissors - Seth from MGoBlog continues his series analyzing offensive philosophy, formation, and playcalling. In this episode he takes on base offense and constraint plays.

Recruiting Roundup: Playoff Time - UMHoops runs down the high school happenings for Michigan's future basketball classes.

Holdin' The Rope: Miscellaneous Minutiae, 2/28/2012 - Our own Holdin' the Rope with his weekly feature examining news and nuggets from around the college football world. Worth a read.

Why Do We Have Spring Practice? - Chris Brown examines the origins of spring practice and the impact on th game at large.

If you haven't had a chance to check out SBNation's new Youtube channel, I would recommend doing so. It is running live today. Here is another little teaser: Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein give you access to what a real, live, totally scripted pitch meeting is like at SBN's studios.