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Thursday Happy Hour is Running Late

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Let's hope for a big game from Smot.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Let's hope for a big game from Smot. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Thanks to some ill-timed utility work outside my house this morning, HH is clocking in late for the day. Enjoy:

Touch the Banner: Initial TTB Ratings for 2013 - Magnus runs down his TTB ratings for the next class of Michigan players. This is always an interesting counterpoint to the evaluations of scouting services, and Magnus knows his stuff.

Every Play Counts: Evan Smotrycz

The one recent outlier in Smotrycz’s struggles was his big performance against Illinois at the Crisler Center on February 12th. Smotrycz scored 13 points on six field goal attempts, grabbed three rebounds, handed out two assists and had four steals. He wasn’t only productive on an individual level, Michigan outscored Illinois by 11 points during the 29 minutes that he was on the floor.

UMHoops with an interesting look at why the struggling Smotrycz shook off his slump against Illinois in the first meeting. Hopefully he can have another good game in Champaign tonight.

SOTT Draft Profile: Mike Martin - Houston Texans site State of the Texans did a quick Q&A with me about Mike Martin.

John Beilein and Michigan basketball staff still working ahead of the recruiting curve - Notes on Beilein's recruiting success and other Michigan basketball minutiae.

From Ace to Woody: The BHGP Treasury Vol. I (A-L); Vol. II (M-Z) - A two volume glossary of inside jokes, terms, and classic articles from everyone's favorite Iowa sports website. If you like BHGP you will love this. (I personally recommend "Are You There, Cyclone Fan? It's Me Again" --- rivalry, the bar has been raised.)

NICK SABAN, SHARK WITH OPPOSABLE THUMBS - Spencer Hall on coaches and fragility in the face of evolution in the college football world. A must read.

The Blockhams - If you haven't checked in with The Blockhams yet, this week is dedicated to "The Flow." Stunning.

Greg Davis: The Lost Year - The wildly NSFW Prevail and Ride gives Iowa fans a glimpse into the future of offensive coordinator doom.

An oral history of the Malice at the Palace - I'm sure you've read this already, but if you haven't you should take the time to do so. This is possibly the best thing to come out of Grantland yet.