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Maize n Brew Tourney Challenge 2012

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The fine folks at Yahoo! are once again prepared to make some lucky soul filthy rich for authoring the perfect bracket this month. Even if you aren't able to walk away with the five million dollar grand prize, or the cool 10 grand that will be awarded to the most accurate bracket in America, you still have an ideal chance to embarrass yourself against legions of UM fans in our Maize n Brew group. Clearly this is an opportunity you would be foolish to let pass.

Winner of the MnB challenge will receive an underwhelming prize that will be announced later. Early candidates are a used sock from Tim Biakabutuka's junior season and a plastic UM-themed baseball that has, unfortunately, also been used. Dead-last in the pick'em will also receive a prize in the form of a Zach Travis autographed glamour shot. Stay tuned for more updates on this end.

Here's how to get involved:

1. Sign up for a free Yahoo! account if you don't already have one.

2. Go to Yahoo!'s main bracket page and select "Join a Group" from the tabs atop the page.

3. Enter in the league ID# (126589) and password (brew) to gain access to the group.

4. Fill out your bracket properly by avoiding teams from Ohio.

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