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Tuesday Happy Hour is Getting Ready for Bathing Suit Season

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Eeeeeeeeeeee, why can't the tournament just start already?

Until Thursday we will just have to occupy ourselves. One way it to read these links. The other is to sign up for the MnB bracket challenge on Yahoo. League ID: 126589, password: brew.

If you ever have a tip or a link to pass on you can email me at or tweet at me @zach_travis. On with the links:

First Take: Thoughts on Ohio, Midwest Regional, More - Dylan of UMHoops runs through a whole bunch of things surrounding Michigan's first round game, the regional, and more. There is ticket info, general atmosphere predictions, a primer on Ohio, and a reaction to seeding. This is why Dylan is the best guy out there covering Michigan basketball.

THE PERSON OFF THE COURT: A senior's career out of the spotlight

Instead of gearing up to play on game days, he would have to gear his teammates up. Instead of helping his team on the court, he would settle to help by cheering from the sideline. Instead of getting his name in the box score with numbers, "Corey Person" ended up next to "DNP."

The Daily, profilin'. This time it is reserve senior Corey Person. Great read about someone you don't know all that much about.

Ohio natives, friends and rivals reunited

Now as freshmen in college the duo will have a chance to settle the score once again. Burke’s freshman year has been an unrivaled success as he shared the Big Ten freshman of the year award and is averaging 15 points, five assists and four rebounds per game. Taylor, a 5-foot-9 guard, has played in every game for Ohio and is averaging five points in 12 minutes per contest. Taylor is forced to play behind one of the elite mid-major guards in the country, DJ Cooper, but has shown the promise of a future star in the Mid American Conference.

More UMHoops, this time on the friendship between Trey Burke and Ohio backup PG Stevie Taylor.

The NCAA Tournament Game of Thrones - TBL compares college coaches to characters from Game of Thrones. If you geek out about that show nearly as much as I do this is worth the read.

Hey, I’m Awesome Like Joe Lunardi Is Totally Awesome For Managing to Go 2 For 3!

Here’s the thing, people. No one goes 50 for 68 on this "bracket exam". I could teach my 5 year old to go 63 of 68. Anyone that put any effort into it at all got at least 64 right, with the only question being how you did against those final three toss up questions. Joe Lunardi went 2 for 3. Congratulations. I did too. I don’t even have a degree in Bracketology, nor did I flip flop my selections dramatically between teams that were finished playing.

One more from TBL. This time it is Jason Lisk absolutely ripping Joe Lunardi apart. Not only is this incredibly well written --- par for the course with Lisk --- but it is totally on point. Lunardi has this inflated repuatation as a "braketologist" but really doesn't do anything remarkable when you break down just how formulaic seeding and placement is. This is just more of the mythos created by the WWL.

Tremendous: Running Back Situation (OPINION) - Steve from Tremendous (formerly known as Aquaman) takes his best shot predicting how the running back situation will play out in the 2013 recruiting cycle. He stresses the opinion aspect of this, but there are few guys in the Michigan blogosphere that are more well connected, so this is definitely worth a read.

Touch the Banner: 2012 Recruiting Awards

Best Under-the-Radar Recruit: DT Willie Henry

The more I think about the defensive line coaches Michigan getting their hands on Henry, the more excited I get. Henry is a very athletic kid for his size and should be a penetrating-type defensive tackle for Michigan in the years to come. Outside of classmate Ondre Pipkins, he might very well be the best DT recruit since Mike Martin in 2008.

TTB on the 2012 class. He also lists James Ross as his favorite recruit --- no surprise if you follow Magnus --- and Kalis as the best offensive recruit.

Mailbag: Urban's smooth transition to the Big Ten - Bruce Feldman's tweetbag takes on a few topics of interest to UM fans, including a discussion of Ohio State and Urban Meyer.

Urban Meyer on NCAA issuing OSU sanctions: ‘I didn’t think they’d do it’

"About two weeks into it we took a frontal blow when they said you can't go to a bowl game and that put us in about a 2-3 week panic situation recruiting. I started worrying about losing seniors because it's kind of uncharted waters. I've never been in that situation. All the homework that I did, which was a lot before I accepted the position, and the conversations I had, I didn't think they'd do it."

Speaking of Meyer, was he really that surprised that OSU got hit with a bowl ban? Like that wasn't a possibility? Dude spent too much time around Gene Smith.

Pre-Snap Read: The UNC Report

It only took 609 days – a year and change, one year and two-thirds – for the N.C.A.A. to issues its Public Infractions Report, which on face value presents a sizable step back for a program wholly prepared to turn the page on Butch Davis, rules violations and the specter of incoming N.C.A.A. penalties and probation. The impact of the N.C.A.A. rulings will be felt not by those who stepped out of line, but rather on the program’s brand-new staff.

A breakdown of the NCAA's response to UNC.

Bonus, after the jump is an NCAA tourney info graphic courtesy of Jen Rhee. If you want more info on the graphic, shoot me an email and I can put you in touch with Jen.

March Madness

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