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Friday Happy Hour is Hungover

I don't know if it was being drunk on March Madness or drunk on all that booze --- scratch that, it was definitely the booze --- but today's Happy Hour is going to be short and sweet. Enjoy day two of the greatest weekend of the year.

3 questions surrounding the Michigan basketball team as the NCAA Tournament approaches - Ann goes through the keys for Michigan to succeed over the next three weeks.

Neal Rothschild: Michigan has done its job by getting there

Which do you trust more to tell you which teams are good, a 30-plus game schedule or a six-game tournament?

I say these things not to slam the NCAA Tournament — it’s the best thing going in sports — but because Michigan will get wrongly criticized if it fails to make the Sweet 16, and especially if it fails to make the third round.

Sorry Neal, I have to respectfully disagree. No four-seed in history has simply "done its job" by getting into the tournament. I understand that Michigan has had a remarkable season that not a lot of people expected, but you shouldn't base your judgment of the year off of the regular season or the postseason. Both have to be weighed because both are important.

If Michigan falls in the first round after the poor showing in the Big Ten tournament there won't be any good feelings to go around. The year will have ended on a sour note. The team's job will not have been done, because even a slightly lucky co-champ is still a co-champ.

Raise your expectations to the level you want your program to be at. Don't lower them because you don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. I guarantee those guys in the Michigan locker room don't feel like their job is done.

It's official: University of Michigan Crisler Arena now called Crisler Center - Make it official all you want, it is still Crisler Arena to me.

God How I Love March Madness

So what does this say about our culture? Lots of things. Living in an increasingly insular American culture, we search for any kind of connection and community that we can find. Living in a society where the complainers get the most press, we rejoice when surrounded by people with positive energy. Living in a competitive culture, we want to outdo others, show that our ideas, our ingenuity is superior. I enjoy living in a competitive culture; it stop people from stagnating.

Co-sign completely. Greatest time of the year.

Wolverines, Irish to play at night again - Under the Lights Part Duex.

Cracking the Bucknut

Hall figured he knew what was up, but he asked what the gesture meant anyway. A nearby fan grabbed his fingers together into the shape. "Pussy," he said.

The pussies went on to win, 38-24.

The most in depth look at the Ohio State-ness of Ohio State I have ever read. Plus: Spencer Hall.

Read it. You'll be glad you did.

This Week In Important Science: What Would Make The Loudest Football Stadium Possible?

Sidenote: this is where you might say, "Oh, that's why Michigan is so quiet." Relatively speaking, yes, but the wok-like shape of Michigan Stadium still puts out a tremendous amount of noise despite design. Change the angle on the seats and you've got a veritable orbital death ray of stadium noise.

Spencer Hall on designing the perfect doomsday device or something. Maybe its actually a college football stadium, maybe its lasers and shit. You'll have to read to find out.

Go Blue! Beat (that) Ohio!