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Thursday Happy Hour Celebrates Like Pacman Jones

Right back at ya, big guy. Mandatory Credit: Bradley Leeb-US PRESSWIRE
Right back at ya, big guy. Mandatory Credit: Bradley Leeb-US PRESSWIRE

Michigan picked up a huge win last night in Champaign; it was the first win at Assembly Hall in 17 years (a 13 game slide). Now it is on to Penn State to finish the Big Ten regular season before entering the Big Ten tournament as at least a three seed. First, let's rundown the bball recaps from all over:

Game 30: Michigan at Illinois Recap - UMHoops

Tim Hardaway Jr. nearly perfect in Michigan basketball team's 72-61 win at Illinois -

"The whole memo coming into this game was 1995," Hardaway said afterward. "We had a blank (spot) on our board at practice and (assistant coach LaVall) Jordan said 'You want to change that? Then go out and play hard and play smart, and it'll say March 1, 2012.'

Illini Fall To Michigan 72-61; Well At Least We Can Accept Reality Again - Our SBN brethren Hail to the Orange

Holdin' The Rope: Michigan-Illinois: Head Body - Holdin' the Rope

In this day and age, when the stakes have never been higher, the payouts never bigger, the stages never larger, it would seem that empathy has gone the way of other collegiate dodos: the leather helmet, unironic invocation of the term "student-athlete," and the dynasty (i.e. the Wooden years). There's no time to feel sorry for anyone, because the moment you start doing that is the moment you start falling behind, and then roles spin like a top and reverse; people start feeling sorry for you, and ain't that just a shame.

Now to the gridiron:

Tremendous: The Possibilities: Offensive Primer - Tremendous runs down what Michigan's offensive recruiting focus is with the class already half formed.

Grading the Big Ten coordinator hires - ESPN's Big Ten Bloggers break down the various coordinator hires around the conference, and with significant shakeups in Columbus, Madison, Champaign, Happy Valley, and Iowa City, it is crucial you bring yourself up to speed.

Installing an Offense: Urban Meyer Edition - I am fast becoming a huge fan of Ross Fulton's work over at 11W. He is a thorough X's and O's guy that loves breaking down the teaching and coaching elements of the game, and he quotes Chris Brown (the football analyst, not the woman-beating pop-star) at length --- an easy way to draw me in. I highly suggest this for football strategy geeks like myself.

The Conference Champion Requirement For a Four-Team Playoff Would Enhance the College Football Regular Season -

LSU (1) vs. Stanford (4)

Alabama (2) vs. Oklahoma State (3)

This may be a better bracket. It also renders much of the regular season meaningless. Alabama faced no consequence from losing to LSU, losing its division and losing its conference. Worse, Stanford reaches the playoff ahead of Oregon when the Ducks won the Pac 12 North, won the Pac 12 and beat the Cardinal by three touchdowns in Palo Alto. Stanford would have received the nod solely because they were less ambitious with non-conference scheduling.

Ty Duffy of The Big Lead on his ever evolving playoff plan. I co-sign 100%.

Bonus celebratory NSFW (cartoon stripper ass) Archer GIF after the jump.