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Your Friday Drinking Instructions Are Digging for Spring

Greetings, Michigan Faithful! Beautiful Spring weather is right around the corner, and with that in mind (plus a nice little basketball victory) we've got plenty to be cheerful about. This weekend might actually be a yard work weekend - by this I mean open the window and crack open a delicious spring brew. The spring seasonals are just about out for most major breweries, and I thought I'd take the time to recommend some of them. There might even be a Spring Break special today! (probably not)

First up is today's headliner, New Belgium's Dig. In the interests of honesty, I'll tell you straight up that I've certainly had better beers, both from this brewer and in general. However, I will say it's a solid spring beer and it's brewed with the quality I've come to expect from New Belgium. Plus, I got to try this one prerelease at a tasting at my local liquor store. Can't top that. Anyway, this one is best served if you put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes before drinking it to give it a bit of an extra chill (this is high-quality research right here!) because it's got a bunch of fresh flavors in it.

Specifically, it comes across as quite lemony, as beers go. Not as fruity as some Abitas (yes, I know I've referenced this twice, but that much raspberry is offensive) but definitely spicy. My favorite thing about this pale ale is that it's not too malty - it lets the other flavors resonate nicely. One minor problematic thing about this beer - as is my custom, I generally share a six-pack with the guy I've been drinking with for a long time, and his taste is great, but he can't pour to save his life. (In Belgium, I pretty easily poured a Duvel, while his glass was about half foam). Anyway, I had no problem pouring this thing, but he sure did - so when you're uncorking this fairly carbonated beer, be sure to gently tilt it down one side of the glass so you don't get too foamy.

* * *

You know what? I started thinking about drinking Bud Light Lime on spring break a while ago and got mad that the people in charge decided to get a case of it. I'm not a beer snob. Wait, yes I am - I have my standards. Therefore, our second beer of the day is going to be Rogue's Dead Guy Ale. I'm so glad there are so many good beers in this world - this is such an easy job.

Dead Guy is a maibock, a lighter version of a bock that is generally meant for spring. Ha! I picked this beer before I found that out! I'm super good at this. Honestly, I mostly picked this beer because the name and bottle are incredible, but it's still a quality brew, if unspectacular. This beer has a perfect time and place - early afternoon, if you're eating outside at a restaurant somewhere, or on a deck. This beer doesn't quite have the full-bodied taste as the Dig, and at only 40 IBU, it's not that bitter. It's mostly a honey taste, and is a simple, crisp, pale ale. But hey - it tastes damn good. Throw a slice of lemon in it if you really want to, but I like this beer.

That's all for me today - enjoy your weekend and if you're in college, you lucky dogs, enjoy Spring Break! For those of you traveling somewhere southern, I'd love any beer recs y'all have - comments or emails are just fine.

Cheers, Michigan Faithful!